Monday, September 22, 2014

Remembering Peep

In June we lost our cat Peep to Bobcat Fever.  (Google it)  It was pretty quick.  He came back to the house on a Wednesday, kind of lethargic, and by Friday night I could pick him up without him fighting me.  He refused to eat or drink and even refused catnip.  On Saturday we took him to the vet and they gave him fluids, anti-biotics, and did blood work to confirm what was wrong.  On Sunday morning, he wasn't doing better, so they injected him with plasma from a healthy cat that fought Bobcat fever, to help build his antibodies.  Monday morning we got a call, that he didn't make it.  It was shocking, because Peep, our super spunky, active cat, was taken down quickly.  I had a hard time and cried a lot for the first five days.  We had him cremated and his sits on our bookshelf.  We still miss him and talk about him, but we are glad that he is not suffering and can run wild in Heaven.  So here are some of my favorite Peep pictures.

We love and miss our Peepers Cat.