Monday, September 22, 2014

Remembering Peep

In June we lost our cat Peep to Bobcat Fever.  (Google it)  It was pretty quick.  He came back to the house on a Wednesday, kind of lethargic, and by Friday night I could pick him up without him fighting me.  He refused to eat or drink and even refused catnip.  On Saturday we took him to the vet and they gave him fluids, anti-biotics, and did blood work to confirm what was wrong.  On Sunday morning, he wasn't doing better, so they injected him with plasma from a healthy cat that fought Bobcat fever, to help build his antibodies.  Monday morning we got a call, that he didn't make it.  It was shocking, because Peep, our super spunky, active cat, was taken down quickly.  I had a hard time and cried a lot for the first five days.  We had him cremated and his sits on our bookshelf.  We still miss him and talk about him, but we are glad that he is not suffering and can run wild in Heaven.  So here are some of my favorite Peep pictures.

We love and miss our Peepers Cat.

My Hair is my Favorite Feature

A few years ago I had an experience that led me to start growing out my hair to donate it to charity.  It's been a long time coming, but I was pretty excited to finally get the change going.
Here is the before (sorry fore the blurry selfie, I'm not that good at it).
 And here is the after.  My new hairdresser did and AMAZING job.  It ended up being about 9 inches that were cut off.  I donated it to Children With Hair Loss, because there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the other place.  I love how it turned out.  It is the shortest I've ever had it (at least in the back, only about an inch long).
It has grown out now to my favorite length, and I had some highlights put in it.  This first one was the end of June, before highlights.
 And this last one is after highlights in August.  And my selfie skills are slowly improving.  Although I have to take several pictures to find one that I like. 
I think that I'm going to grow it out again and donate it.  It was such a great feeling to help a child that has to deal without hair for various reasons. 

The Saga of The Foot

Good intentions don't count when you don't actually follow through.  Things around here just have a way of sweeping you away and distracting you.  Some of those things are important, and some of those things are just easier to do than to blog.  Now that the year is mostly over, I'd better give an update as to what's been going on in our neck of the woods, because there has been a good amount.

The Saga of Hubby's Foot: The short version.  He received a puncture wound while using a walk-behind brush mower, while wearing Crocs.  He walked through our natural pond (filled with bacteria because it's an animal watering hole).  And it got infected.  He went to the doctor after much prodding on my part, then left town for 10 days.  It didn't get better.  He went to our Family Care Doctor, he freaked out, sent us to the wound clinic, two weeks of that and no improvement, he had surgery to open up the wound.  I won't gross you out with pictures (because I took plenty).  But I could put my entire thumb in it,with room to spare.  Hubby did REALLY well with staying off it, and letting it heal.  He was released from the wound clinic in time for me to have my tonsils out.  Then it began to swell, and we didn't know why.  He worked up a blister because of the swelling, so we went back to the wound clinic and our primary care doc.  They didn't know what to think of it, and a couple months later, an MRI was scheduled.  We got a call from our Primary Care Doctor and he told us it was either Charcot Foot, or Osteomyelitis (bone infection), and to go to the Hospital to be admitted and for IV anti-biotic treatment (in case of Osteomyelitis).  They were thinking it was the later of the options and were talking for 3 days about amputating his foot, leaving only the heal.  I was devastated, but Hubby kept strong.  Thankfully the Orthopedic Surgeon came in and wanted an x-ray and with that found that it was Charcot Foot (pronounced sharco), which is a degenerative bone disorder caused by trauma and neuropathy.  It's a 1/600 chance of getting it.  He ended up breaking 4 of his 5 metatarsals, 2 of which were crushed.  He was put in a ortho boot with strict orders not to walk on it.  He got a cool knee scooter, and did really well staying off it.  He was in the boot until mid-March and then got custom inserts and boots.  He will always have it, and it will be deformed from the bones healing and growing more bone mass, but at least he still has his foot.  I know that my Heavenly Father is watching over us and heard my prayers.  I am grateful for the medical treatment we received and for a Doctor who wanted more information before taking drastic measures.