Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Holidays and a Very Cold Winter

This winter was a very cold and crazy winter.  In November we were enjoying 50-60 degree weather and sunny most days.  The animals were very excited to have the blinds and sometimes the windows open.  We also let Porkchop out of her stall.  She LOVES being out and playing with the dogs and just being a pig.  She is always glad to see what treat we are apt to bring her.  She especially loves dairy.  Duke doesn't like that she is out of her stall (although she is in a fenced pen).  He has gotten in and herded her back into her stall, but she comes back out.  She is pretty lean right now, but we will fatten her up come butchering time.  Or we might try and get some piglets out of her to sell.  Who know, right now we just keep doing what we are doing.

The inside animals love cuddling with Hubby.  Peep was outside for this picture, but Duke didn't care that Rocky was on top of him, because he was next to his Daddy.  Desi was trying to figure out what was happening.  She is leery of Duke and doesn't like Rocky at all.
 A friend asked if I would make some hats and matching booties for Baby G.  It was fun to get these together for her, and Baby G looked so cute in them.
 Here is our wood stack.  A friend came and split and stacked it for us after we got it delivered.  I think we are down to a 1/4 of what we had.  Like I said it was/is a very cold winter. 
 Here is how the doggies greet us when we get home.  They like looking out the window at what's coming down the driveway.
For Thanksgiving this year Hubby's Sister and her hubby came out to spend with us and their Dad (Pappy).  I didn't get any great pictures, mostly because I forgot.  It was nice though, we went over to Pappy and Fun Mom (Hubby's step-Mom), home, and Pappy cooked.  It was all really good and we had to roll out of the house, with our leftovers.
December brought with it a LOT of snow and ice.  We got about 10 inches at our house the first storm at the beginning of the month.  We couldn't leave the house, even with 4-wheel drive, for 3 days.  I had to travel out one day to get some medicine and it took me an hour to get to the store that normally takes 25minutes.  It was scary to drive with others on the road.  I was fine as long as I stayed calm.  This is the bridge over the river by our house.  There was only one lane across before the snow plows got to it.  It was majestic to see, but sketchy to drive.
 This is our property.  I think the snow and mostly the ice stuck around for a good two weeks.  The schools were closed for most of it.  There was school the week before Christmas and then another storm hit.  Again we were stuck inside for days without getting out.  Thankfully I didn't have to leave for anything unnecessarily.
We had the fire going almost non-stop for the month of December when we were home.  The animals loved it.  We can't figure out if they were more entranced by the fire or the warmth.  Peep would sit like this a lot of the time.  Don't mind the thing on the right side of the picture, that is Hubby's knee walker (story in the next post).
 Here is what the front yard looked like while the snow was melting and the rain began.  It's from driving on the lawn to pick up Hubby at the front door.  I guess I subconsciously made it so I get new landscaping this spring.  The car was always covered in mud and everyone asked if I was doing some off-roading.
One day I passed the corner/guest bedroom and this is how I found Rocky and Desi.  Eventually they laid down and took a nap.  I was just excited to capture this rare moment.
Here is our mantle for Christmas.  I loved having a fireplace to actually hang stockings on.  I eventually want to make some personalized ones, but Hubby protests that he wants the traditional red and fuzzy white ones. (Don't mind the TV in the back ground.  I think we were watching Christmas Vacation while I was decorating.)
The week before Christmas we went out to Utah.  Brent's Grandmother passed and we were lucky enough to make the funeral (delayed for other family, so we were able to make arrangements to go too).  This was at the luncheon after the funeral with the family.  I've deemed it our annual Christmas picture since life was pretty hectic this summer and subsequent months to follow.  It was a crazy week.  While there they got a huge snow storm that left more than a foot of snow on the ground over night and snowed more the next half of the day.  The crazy part was we had to drive to work in it.  It took us 2 hours to drive, where it normally would have taken an hour.  You would think that because it snows frequently in Utah, that Utah drives would know how to drive in the snow.  I passed so many stuck drivers.  Oh well, at least we made it safely to the places we needed to be.  
While we were there we got to see our families.  It was nice to catch up a little with them.  Hopefully the next time we see them, they can make a trip out to our place (hint, hint, wink, wink).  We have lots of fun stuff to offer and it's not smog and overpopulation.

In other December happenings: while in Utah, we got the flu from one of the siblings.  We didn't know until Hubby woke up on Christmas Eve with a fever of 103.  Thankfully he already had a Dr appointment that day and was able to get some Tamaflu.  I woke up Christmas day, with a similar fever and was also able to get some Tamaflu the following day.  Unfortunately we weren't the only family members to get it.  SIL and her hubby got it and went to the doctor who diagnosed it as the Swine Flu.  So, not only did we get the flu, we got the SWINE FLU, and for Christmas!  It was a pretty miserable holiday season for us.  We basically humidified our bedroom, put on lots of layers and ate lots of soup and drank lots of water, and rubbed each other with menthol.  I really believe that the Tamaflu helped tremendously in getting us over it quicker.  And, thankfully Pappy came over and helped with the outside animals and brought us soup.  Plus it snowed a bunch more.  So, our Christmas and New Year's was less than desirable, but at least we were together.