Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Now There Was the Fall

Fall is one of our favorite times of year (Spring is the other).  We generally get pretty busy, and this year was no exception.  I did a fair amount of sewing, starting with a new purse.  I didn't have a purple one, so I found some purple canvas and a cute print. 
I also had another baby shower and made a cute flannel and cotton receiving blanket, and also some onesies with iron on applique`.  I loved finding and coming up with some cute simple designs for these.  (This is the technique that I used for the shower that I planned and carried out.).
We also took a lot of drives with the dogs.  They LOVE going for a ride in the car.  It was beautiful weather and it helped get all the wiggles out of them too.

And then there is the never ending saga of Hubby and injuries.  He managed to get into some poison ivy and spread it all over his face.  I had to take him to the ER when one of his eyes swelled shut.  They gave him some steroids to help with the swelling.  It was a good learning experience of what exactly poison ivy looks like and where it can grow.

October brought a lot more of the same.  We had Hubby's Mom (MIL) in town and they celebrate Oktoberfest (being German and all).  So I made Hubby and I some traditional German clothing.  I made a Dirndl for me and some Leiderhosen for Hubby.  He was a pretty good sport in wearing them all through dinner and pictures.  I think I'd like to eventually get him some authentic Leiderhosen, and purchase some German fabric for a new Dirndl.

We also enjoyed the weather changing and changing the leaves.  Hubby got some great pictures at home and around town.  We especially loved the half and half trees.                                 
 He also got this amazing picture of a rainbow in our own backyard.
I was also able to go out to Southern Utah to visit my Mom and my Grandparents.  I always love spending time with them.  They have been great examples and influences in my life and I'm always blessed to be reminded on where I come from and the heritage I have and get to pass along.

We were also finally able to get the insert for our fireplace, and get it installed (thanks to Hubby and a couple of friends).  It has been such a great treat to have a fire in the fireplace after more than a year in the house.  I think Hubby burned a fire in it every night the first week, even though we didn't really need one.  He just opened the window to compensate for the extra heat.
And the kitties have been their usual selves.  This is how I usually find them.  They LOVE the guest bedroom.  I can't blame them it's peaceful and bright from the sun in the windows.  And they assume that I put those pillows on the bed for them.  This is as cuddly as they get with each other.  At least they aren't causing a ruckus.