Friday, January 17, 2014

Catching Up: Summer Edition

The summer found us overwhelmed with Hubby's injury.  After he got the injury he left town for 10 days, and craziness ensued.  I got stir crazy so I when from blondish brown to RED.  It was a fun change (although the bathroom looked like a murder scene when I was done).  Thankfully it cleaned up well.  The animals were also stir crazy from not having Hubby around to play with and cuddle with.  I guess I'm an okay substitute when there is nobody else.
Duke took to sleeping in the laundry basket since he was mopy and missed his Daddy.  Rocky was all about cuddling (as per usual). 

And Rocky started greeting me like this when I'd come home.  I laugh every time he does it.

The Cats were pretty comfortable chilling with me especially if I had the windows open.
After Hubby got back from his trip, doctor visits and more doctor visits began.  He had surgery close to the end of June to help get his would cleaned up, for it to heal better and they hoped faster.  The dogs enjoyed lots of cuddle time.  
During all this we were blessed to have a neighbor come over and cut the hay in our pasture for us.  It was nice to have it cut down, and not so many critters in it. 
 By July Hubby didn't want to be so cooped up.  He was feeling a little better and decided since it was my birthday, he needed a present.  Humorously named 'Homer', we got a 4-wheeler.  It has actually  been a great blessing for me with taking on ALL the chores, and especially hauling stuff for the animals.  Hubby was able to at least get outside and drive around.  The dogs love running after it.
August found us with even more changes.  I had been struggling with chronic strep throat since Sept, and finally was able to get into an ENT specialist.  He took one look at my tonsils and stated they needed to be removed.  Thankfully Hubby was on the mend and was actually released from the Wound Clinic a week before my surgery.  
Now, hindsight, it was a great error on thinking I knew what to expect with the recovery.  I knew it would be hard, and I knew it would be long, but I didn't know the amount of pain and extreme discomfort it would bring.  I don't think I had anything to eat or drink except water to swallow pills, and applesauce because I could basically pour it down my throat.  I am a big baby when it comes to ear pain, and all my pain from my surgery presented in my ears and not my throat.  I couldn't talk for nearly a week (Hubby didn't know what to do with me).  I even had him call the Dr to see what could be done about the pain in my ears.  NOTHING, there was nothing they could do, I'd just have to wait it out.  Hubby was very supportive.  And I also want to say that the stuff they tell you about eating all the ice cream you want.  TOTAL LIE!  I couldn't eat ice cream for over a month because of the mucus it caused, making it harder to swallow.
Also, in preparation for the aftermath of that, and getting ready for our second round of adoption stuff, I got busy on the house.  I was able to get the corner bedroom cleaned out and painted (same colors as the rest of the house).  It was such a great improvement, and brightened up that room significantly.  I have since put together a night stand and a dresser, and for now, it's our guest room/cat room (they love hanging out in there).

We also saved up and got a bunk bed set to put together in the middle bedroom.  We had a coworker of Hubby's and a couple of his kids come out for a visit before my surgery so they broke in all the new changes.  It's nice to have furniture in these rooms instead of boxes from moving.
I also took the decorating kick even further and put together a second book shelf in the living room, which meant moving things around.  I took down all our family pictures and rearranged them (leaving room to add when the time come).  I like having access to all of our books now.  I even managed to fit all the ones that were by the TV and decluttered that area as well.

I think our biggest and a little more exciting then painting, was getting a new member of the farm (although her stay is temporary).  We had a friend get us a pig to raise for meat.  I named her PorkChop for one of the the cuts she will give us.  She is huge now, we're guessing near 150lbs.  She was 30lbs when we got her.  She is a riot to have around and take care of.  The dogs aren't sure if they should bark at her or play with her.  She LOVES playing with the dogs.  Although she is fun, I do remind myself that she is food, NOT a pet.
August also found Hubby with another injury.  His foot began to swell for unknown reasons and he got a blister on his heal.  So once I got better, he was back at the Wound Clinic.  September presented to be another exciting month in our house.