Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally, an Update!

I have been terribly horrible at keeping things up to date here.  We have been busy with stuff (update later).  So we were able to get our living room furniture the beginning of the year.  Here is a picture.

The couch is a microfiber that looks and feels like cordory, and the chair is brown leather.  We got a good deal, and they are solid pieces.  Everybody, especially the animals loves them.
I am changing out the pillows.  I'm not too fond of what came with it.  So here is the fabric for the new ones.  As of this post I have two completely finished, and I just have to put the zipper in the other two.  I used the flower and polka dot for the couch, and I still need to make the turquoise one for the chair.
 Here are the animals loving the furniture.  This is of Rocky on my lap and Peep at my feet.
 This is of Desi on the dog bed.  I think she settled there because it was in the sun.
 Here is Rocky cuddling with me.
 Duke watching TV with me.
 Duke waiting for Hubby to come and cuddle after work.  Sometimes I catch Duke and Rocky in the chair together.  It's pretty funny, because Rocky is nearing the same size as Duke.
 Here is Rocky's normal spot for nap time.  I have to cover the couch with blankets to help with their hair, especially Rocky's.  (oh and you can see the two new pillows in this picutre, kind of.)
This is all for now.  Lots more stuff to finish, but we will get there eventually.