Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring has arrived, mostly.

Since March Spring is here one day, and gone the next.  We wake up and wonder what the weather will be like today.  Well, it's been getting more consistently nicer than cold.  Everything is blooming, the grass is REALLY green, the birds are chirping, and the cats and dogs are hunting (little critters that is). Lately I hadn't been to inspired to take some pictures, but the following sunraise jolts me to be Thankful for the wonderful world we live in, that we get to wake up and see things like these.  And to know that God is good and real.  I think it was a Sunday morning when we had to be to church early, and Hubby came and got me to see the beauty.  Yes people, that is off our deck!

 We have a carport and the birds like to make nests in the supporting beams.  Here are a couple of nests we pulled down.  The birds/nest were causing our Orange, outside Cat to go nuts trying to get at them, so we had to pull them down. 
 We weren't sure who belongs to this egg.  It was neat to see the materials used to make the nest.
 We think these were Robin's Eggs.  This one was more sticks and straw, and some houseing insulation (we are hoping it's not from our house, but garbage picked up from outside).  They were tiny eggs, about the size of a nickel.
 Here is Rocky wading through the grass.  This is where one of the springs turns into a small creek, and the dogs love playing in the water and catching lizards and things, and by things I mean ticks.
 Right now we have yellow flowers everywhere.  A week or two ago we had all the clover in bloom and it was purple and then turned to red.  I love the random colors of Spring.
 Here is Peep in a bush.  He absolutely LOVES going outside to hang out in a bush, or to hunt mice.  We are really glad he is a mouser, because a couple of those suckers have gotten into the house, but he hunted them down.
Here is our pasture, and tree "park" behind it.  We love coming into the property and looking at a sea of greeness. 
Somedays we forget this is all ours, and it is so great to remember, especially with the cool breeze, the birds singing, and the peace we feel just living here.  To all our family that hasn't come to visit, I hope that this entices you to make some plans this summer.  We are about 5 minutes from a river, and 20 minutes from 2 awesome lakes. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally, an Update!

I have been terribly horrible at keeping things up to date here.  We have been busy with stuff (update later).  So we were able to get our living room furniture the beginning of the year.  Here is a picture.

The couch is a microfiber that looks and feels like cordory, and the chair is brown leather.  We got a good deal, and they are solid pieces.  Everybody, especially the animals loves them.
I am changing out the pillows.  I'm not too fond of what came with it.  So here is the fabric for the new ones.  As of this post I have two completely finished, and I just have to put the zipper in the other two.  I used the flower and polka dot for the couch, and I still need to make the turquoise one for the chair.
 Here are the animals loving the furniture.  This is of Rocky on my lap and Peep at my feet.
 This is of Desi on the dog bed.  I think she settled there because it was in the sun.
 Here is Rocky cuddling with me.
 Duke watching TV with me.
 Duke waiting for Hubby to come and cuddle after work.  Sometimes I catch Duke and Rocky in the chair together.  It's pretty funny, because Rocky is nearing the same size as Duke.
 Here is Rocky's normal spot for nap time.  I have to cover the couch with blankets to help with their hair, especially Rocky's.  (oh and you can see the two new pillows in this picutre, kind of.)
This is all for now.  Lots more stuff to finish, but we will get there eventually.

Friday, January 4, 2013

We're starting an Ark, or so it seems.

For Thanksgiving we were out of town (more on that later), and when we got back, we got Rocky.  We were at the Flippin Wal-Mart doing some grocery shopping, and there was a car with a sign for 'Free Christmas Puppies', and as we drove by I saw that they were White Labs.  We've been talking about getting a Lab Mix for our next dog, and I couldn't resist.  So, Hubby let me get a puppy.  He was 6 1/2 weeks old when we got him and all snuggly.  Here are some cute pictures:

Here is Rocky on the day we got him.  We sat in the car, while Hubby went and got puppy supplies.
Here he is cuddling with me on the LovSac.  He took lots of naps when we first got him.
Here is Rocky and Peep on the bed at my feet napping.  So cute.  When we got Rocky he was smaller than Peep, now he is bigger, and still growing.

 Here is Rocky in his favorite spot.  Hubby was puppy sitting while I was at a meeting and he couldn't find him for a while.  He had climbed into a laundry basket (with dirty clothes), and was sleeping.  Ever since, we can't keep him out of them, so we bought him his own, and filled it with a soft bed and soft blankets (which he sucks on).  It will only be cute until his outgrows the basket, then it will be hilarious.
 Here is Rocky learning to sit. He has sit down pretty well, and we are also working on 'Come', 'Down', and 'Wait'.  His is a chewer, so we are working on what his can and cannot chew on.
 Here is Duke for good measure.  Duke was pretty distant when we first brought Rocky home, and he is still jealous and possessive of his toys, and Hubby, but they will at least play with each other now.

So the next thing that makes me feel like we are starting an ark, besides the two cats, and two dogs, and the eight chickens that are fully grown now.
 The Rooster, which I named Roger, is really starting to act like he's in charge.  He isn't aggressive, but he is protective, and definitely doesn't like Rocky or Duke.
And the next step, according to Hubby, is pigs as soon as he can find them for sale.  I think we should wait until Spring, but he is bound and determined, so we'll see.