Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Home Ownership=CRAZY LONG Project List

 I know that a lot of you have been waiting for some updated pictures to the house.  It has been very busy for us trying to get things in order.  For those that have an older home, you can sympothize with fixing one problem, and two more pop up in it's wake.  That's what it's been like for us, so decorating got put off and put off.  I'm still not 100%, but I'm done enough that I'm comfortable with posting some pictures. 
I think the biggest difference has been painting.  I have completed painting the Master Bedroom, and the Living Room.  I still need to finish the Kitchen (hence no Kitchen pictures), and I think we are going to paint at least one of the upstairs bedrooms, as it is a nasty peach color (also formerly found in the Master Bedroom).  Hubby as been supper awesome at helping me with some of the painting, and he's been replacing plugs and light switches (there were at least 6 layers of paint on everything, yes even the plugs and covers).  He has also been adding some plugs for TVs, and wires for internet and satellite.  We've also slowly been replacing the outdated lighting fixtures, and still have some to install, and a few more to buy.
So here are the Before and After shots (click image to enlarge): 
~~Warning: Long Entry, but lots of pictures.~~


 I painted the ceiling a flat white, the trim on the windows a semi-gloss white, and the walls are a Taupe color that I'm totally in love with.  The ceiling is curved, so I worked with it.  I measured up 8', taped it off, and it gives it the look of crown without the woodwork.  I think we are eventually going to put crown up, and add some rope lighting for indirect light source.  We eventually want to wall mount the TV, but there is no studs in the bookshelf opening, just a layers of plywood, and drywall.  It works for now, so we are good.  Hubby installed a plug inside the cabinets for all the electronics.  It's nice because there are no cords to bee seen (plus there wasn't power on that wall anyhow). 
The Mantel was my favorite to finish.  Hubby had to help me hang the mirror as all the walls are plaster, and nails don't go in easily and pull out even easier.  We have been using a lot of anchors and Command Hooks.  We are looking forward to hanging some lighted garland (there is a plug on the top of my Mantle!), and our Christmas Stocking, which I need to make.  Unfortunately the fireplace is completely unusable as it sits.  We had someone come out to clean it, and he told us that it is rusted to the point of dangerous if used (we've just weather proofed it for the season).  We plan on getting an insert and running a new pipe inside the old one.  It will be more energy efficient anyway, and do a better job heating more of the house, and not just the living room.  

 This is my 'Family' wall.  This was the only wall I had an idea of how I wanted to put it together, and then that idea didn't work, so I got rearranged several times, and I still need to fix the top picture.  We have a lot of books, and it was a struggle trying to decided where to put what ones.  I left some room at the bottom of the arrangement (if you think it looks off balance, it's on purpose), for pictures of not-so-distant future kids (More on that story to come).  The top picture was a fun project.  I had gotten the frame as a gift from my Dad.  It was brown with family pictures in it.  I didn't want another collage', so I took out the pictures, accidentally broke the glass, spray painted the frame black and the matte a solid cream, then I used paint samples from the home improvement store (which we are recognized by sight now), to replace the pictures.  Hubby was pretty impressed that it was a simple, yet impactful change.  The bench sitting there actually came with our dinning room table, but we liked it there better, and we have enough chairs that it won't be missed.  Plus it can be used for back up seating for larger gatherings.

This is the entry wall.  The window treatments came down within the first week.  They made everything very dreary.  I put my Family Tree, and my lunch bag wreath on this wall with my $5 faux banana plant.  If you are questioning the white box lid on my plant, it's because Peep thinks it's a little box (since he was an outside kitten for most of his life).  Once he learns that that plant is not for that use, I'll take the box lid off.  We still need to get our couch, but for now we have our LovSac/BeanBag, and a chair with a footstool.  We also have an electric fireplace that we've been using, mostly for ambiance.


You cannot tell in this before picture, but the walls were peach.  Yes, as in circa 1960s/1980s Peach.  Totally not our color, so it had to go.  This was the first room to get put together, mostly because we spent most of our time here in the beginning.  We were able to get a bedroom set before we moved (both a first for us).  And while we did that we got a bigger bed frame, in hopes to some day upgrade from a Queen to a King.  Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long to transition.  Hubby's Dad told us about this great foam mattress for an even greater deal.  So, we've been on our new mattress for about 3-4 weeks.  And the best thing is, my Starry Night Quilt finally fits the way it was intended.  One downfall is that every body sleeps in the bed at night.  Yes all three fuzzie babies and one giant fuzzie Hubby, plus me.  At least I stay warm. 
Here is our dressers with my first pass of getting pictures hung.  I still have some more work to do in here as far as decorating goes.  I wanted to refinish and recover my cedar chest, and I need artwork for above where the cedar chest sits.  So, I'll probably be posting again about the bedroom. 

In the bathroom, we just put up new linens, and some towel rods, and tp holder.  I still want to get some artwork in there (not much availble wall space), but I have to decide what will hold up the extra moisture, and go with my Nature Theme.  Don't mind my clutter counters, I just wanted to get some pictures up and disregarded the crap that got left out.
Other updates that I'm not showing pictures of:  Hubby got me a washer and dryers.  The laundry room is still a mess, mostly because I still have to revamp my Linen closet, so all those boxes are in there, and I was doing some laundry today, so it's even messier.  We also had to replace our Pressure Tank for our well because the bladder went out.  I think that was a blessing, because as Hubby and his Dad where pulling the old tank, the rusted out bottom completely fell off on them.  There are few other bits that needed attention, but I won't bother you with all the nit-picky stuff.
That is all the updates I have for now.  As soon as I get the kitchen finished, and the bedrooms cleaned of boxes and stuff, I'll post pictures of those.  And just to let you know how greatly we are enjoying Fall and all the beautiful colors of nature, here is a picture of the road in front of the property.  Hubby borrowed his Dad's brush mower and was finally able to get the front mowed down.  (FYI: our property is on the left with the white fence).  Happy Fall!


Jolley's said...

Wow! Everything looks AMAZING! I can tell you have been hard at work and it has paid off! Can't wait to see the rest of the updates!