Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home, Home on the. . . .Pasture?

We have been back in Arkansas for nearly two weeks, and we've been busy getting our home set up.  Between the million boxes that ended up in my living room and kitchen, and trying to get stuff where it belongs in the house so I can unpack those million boxes, it's been crazy busy.
Just getting out of Utah was crazy.  If you are familiar with the freeways this next part will make sense, if not, sorry. We took I-80 and got stuck for an hour to go a mile in Park City.  They had the freeway closed for some reason.  After we got off the freeway, we had to detour 45minutes just to get back onto I-80 less than 10miles later.  So, the first day we were delayed nearly 2 hours, and we didn't get into our first stop until after 11:30pm.  Needless to say, we crashed.  The second day we drove, and drove, and drove.  I don't have any pictures because if you've been through Nebraska, you know that there isn't anything to look at.  We made it to Kansas City, and crashed our second night.  On our last day we only had a short 4 1/2 hour drive to our new home.  We were planning on taking a nap, but we were too excited, so we went off-roading back to the park.  Hubby showed me around, and I captured his 'Serine' face (see below).  It was nice to see him relax so quickly after the long drive (24 hours), and the craziness of unpacking the truck and organizing the house.

The next morning Hubby woke me up to watch the sunrise.  I didn't mind too much because we crashed at 9pmish the night before.  It was magical.  The fog was rolling in from the river and coming through the trees and onto the pasture.  If this doesn't make you want to come visit us, I don't know what will.

 The first day, the animals were out of sorts with nothing to really climb on.  Once we got the boxes into the house the cats were in heaven, playing king/queen of the mountain.  They had lots of places to climb and hide.  They have adapted pretty well to everything. As I write this, they are both in the downstairs with us in the window.  The cats have also taken to playing and running a muck all night, and sleeping, usually on my side of the bed, together (close but not touching).

 Duke is in heaven.  He was out with Hubby, and discovered the spring/pond, in the park.  Right now, since it's been so dry, it's more of a mud hole.  Well, he jumped in and got up to his chest in dark sticky mud.  Hubby hosed him off outside, but Duke still managed to bring some inside with him.
Since I'm still trying to get my house in order I don't have any pictures of it.  My goal is to get boxes in the room they are supposed to be in (or in a temporary storage state), then I will paint, decorate, and then I will update with before and after pictures of what I've been up to. 
We have been spending a lot of time at the home improvement store, fixing and changing stuff.  We had to fix the kitchen faucet, and the screen on the sliding glass door, putting in shelving in closets.  And we've been replacing the drab curtains with white, faux wood blinds.  Even those few things are making a difference.
Oh yeah!  And Hubby got chicken the first day we were here.  Yeah, I wasn't sure I wanted to take that on right away, but he gave me his sad little boy look, and promised to take care of them, and stated that he wanted fresh eggs by his birthday, so of course I couldn't deny him.  We have 8 Rhode Island Red Hens hanging out in a plastic bin in the workshop.