Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Point of View

We've had one big, crazy, loooooong, summer.  We have been busy, and mostly with one thing.  We are going from this view:

To this view:

'What is this?' you ask.  'Well, that's our backyard,' I answer.  WE ARE OFFICIALLY HOME OWNERS!!!!!!  We have been working on this since May, and finally closed on it today.  We are headed back to Arkansas next month, and completely thrilled about it.  We feel so blessed to be getting our dream house with our dream property.  We are very much looking forward to hanging out on our deck and surveying our property.  We finally have our piece of Heaven on Earth to jump happily into the next steps/stages of our life.  Hubby has been talking about all the wonderful things we get to do with that much land.  The bonus is that there is already a house, a workshop, a barn, a storage building, all that pasture, and a bit of forest with lots of hardwood trees.  Lots of room for lots of growth in lots of areas of our lives.  
It doesn't seem real yet, and probably won't until we are actually there.  It's been crazy just getting to this point.  Here is a little of the back story:  I found the property online in March, and just filed it for later (since we weren't really looking yet).  Then the middle of May I looked at it again and then I showed Hubby.  He got all sorts of excited, and we contacted his Pappy and our Realtor to go check it out.  They both raved about it.   While trying to get out to see for ourselves, we found out that there was another possible buyer, we jumped on making an offer, sight-unseen, and they accepted.  We flew out, fell in more love, I twisted my left ankle, and fell off the back porch stairs (see pic #1 below) in my excitement (only after being there less than an hour), took out my right big toenail on the way down, bled all over, grossed out our Realtor.  Hubby took me to the Medical Clinic and I told him that we had to buy it now, since I bled all over it.  I won't bless you with a picture of my bleeding toe, but if you've ever lost a nail, it is pretty bad.  The house is older (see pic #2 below), but I totally think that it adds character, and it's just the right size for what we want to do with our future.  And Hubby is in love with the very back of the property, he calls it the 'Park' (see pic #3 below).
#1 Back Porch Stairs (don't mind the toilet)
#2 House, from the front
#3 The Park