Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pirates in my Purse!

 I made a Travel Bag a while back, and it turned out huge and awesome, but I wanted to have a purse that I could put in it at the airport, and pull out when I got to my destination.  So, here is the finished product:

I wanted kind of hidden front pockets, so I learned how to do a double welt pocket.  It was an interesting experience, but it turned out better than I had hoped.  And it gave me confidence to try it again.

Here is the inside of the front pockets that I lined with my Pirate Fabric.

I ran out of the lining I used on my Travel Bag, but I found this super awesome pirate print.  I love putting in fun and unexpected linings in bags.  Hubby thinks it's weird, but loves me anyway.

I put lots of pockets on the inside (as per usual for my personal bags).  It's the perfect tote size, and fits nicely with my Travel Bag.  And a close up of the cute pirate print.

I have a lot more projects in the works, that are actually in the process of being sewn.  It's been a while, but I'm excited to be getting some stuff done.


Rebecca said...

I love the quirky fabric inside! It like a fun surprise. And that I super cute.

Rebecca said...

"I super cute"? Sorry, I was trying with my clumsy fingers to say that it IS super cute!