Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1: Up

It's the first day of the March Photo Challenge mentioned here. The subject is Up. I was thinking long and hard about what I should post about, and since Hubby's Little Bro #2 got back from his mission this week. I'm going to post how grown UP all the boys are since he left and got back.
Here is the last picture we (Hubby with 3 of 4 bros) had with him.Here is Little Bros #2, Hubby, #4, and #1 in January of 2009.
Here is a picture for the night Little Bro #2 got home.
It's Little Bro #3, #1, Hubby, #4, and #2. It is so good to see them all together. Hubby loves his little bros, especially since he had to wait until he was 11 for the first one. It's fun to also look back and see how much they have grown physically and in their personal lives.


Jolley's said...

What great pics!
Do you mind if I copy them so I can have them for my records also?

And glad to see your back to blogging again so regularly.

Stephanie said...

Not a problem to copy them.