Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quickie Crochet

I have a couple of cousins having babies at the same time (sisters, due with in a couple of weeks of each other, so cute). And they had a joint baby shower while I was gone for Christmas, so I whipped up a couple of blankets for them.
For both I doubled up the yarn and used a big hook to give it a chunky look. The first one I did with cream and orange. It kind of reminds me of a ice cream bar.The second one I just did cream and then mixed up the stitches. (For all you crocheters: I did rows of single crochet, then a window pane look with double crochets and chain stitches.) I ran a couple rows of ombred brown around the outside to give it some depth and interest.
I haven't gotten any feedback, but I hope they liked them. I was a fun quick project.