Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

For Christmas this year we planned to visit Hubbies Family in Chicago and Indiana. We made the plans back in September, excited to visit with everyone, but we missed seeing his Grandpa due to his passing a couple of months ago. But we still had fun.
It was a rough week, because I got sick the second full day we were there. And we started the trip by having our flight out there delayed by 4 hours. It's always fun to spend six to eight hours at the airport.
Anyway, we got there late, and pretty much Pappy (Hubbies Dad), picked us up, got some quick food, and went to their house, talked for a while, then crashed.
Christmas Eve Eve, I made Enchiladas for the Parents, one Step-Bro2+wife, and us. It turned out pretty great. Parents went home and we spent the night visiting and laughing with Step-Bro2+wife for a while. I woke up the next morning with some awesome digestive pyrotechnics and spent the entire time crashed on their couch while Hubbie and Step-Bro2 ran around and did errands. I felt horrible that I wasn't more social, but I really felt horrible. That afternoon we headed back to Parents house where we met up with Step-Bro1+wife+2kids. We opened presents and had a great time visiting. I eventually snuck off to the guest room to go back to sleep. Everyone else went to a party that was already planned. I literally stayed home and slept the entire time. I felt bad, because I was really looking forward to the party and meeting some new people.
Christmas day was much the same as the day before for me. Step-Bro2+wife came over and Pappy cooked us some awesome dinner. We had boneless beef roast, pork chops (for Pappy and me), roasted potatoes, broccoli with hollindaise sauce, and rolls. I didn't eat a ton, but I tried, and sucked down the ginger ale to keep my stomach calm. Step-Bro2+wife had to leave, and we just chilled watching movies with Parents, and I went to bed early.
The day after Christmas we headed down to Indianapolis (about a 4 hour car ride), to visit family there. We met up with Hubbies Grandma and went to lunch with her. We were able to just sit and visit with her for several hours. For being 94 that woman is a fire-cracker. Her mind is so clear, and sharp. She had me rolling with some of her phrases and stories. She is a great woman and I'm glad for the time we got to sit and visit with her. For dinner we met up with Aunt2 and a cousin. It was pretty good. We went home with Aunt2 and visited with her for about 5 hours on food storage, mostly, and some general life stuff. It was great to have just the three of us talking, it was a time getting to know each other better. I am truly thankful for the open arms they extended to us, and welcoming us into their homes and lives. We stayed over night there and met up with Parents, Grandma, and 2ndcousins for breakfast. Then it was back to Chicago. That was a pretty chill day.
The following day, Step-Bro1+wife+2kids came over and he made his famous Ribs. I guess they were pretty great, because they were all gone. We were able to visit with them, and watch a movie (Cowboys and Aliens, interesting).
The day before we left, we ran around and hit some shopping. Pappy wanted to go a few places, and so did we, so we went together. For dinner we hit up a great restaurant, that I was looking forward to going to when I made our flight reservations.
Our last day, we packed weighed, re-packed, re-weighed, and re-packed our bags. We hung out and got our last little bit of visiting in before heading to the airport. Yes I did get our bags underweight, barely. We got home, got the dog, hit up the grocery store, and went home to unpack, do laundry, and hang out with our fuzzy babies. It was a great, long trip, but we are glad that we were able to go and able to visit so many family members. We did miss some who weren't there, and couldn't go, but I was good while it lasted.
Christmas always brings out the sentimental part of me, and this year we have really tried to focus on our families, and getting to know some better, or catch up on lost time. I am truly grateful to both our families, for the love they share with us. I'm grateful to have my own family, even if it's just Hubby, Me and our two fuzzy babies, for now.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and a great New Year's Celebration, and here's to 2012, and a new year to get stuff checked off the 'To Do' list.