Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

This year for Thanksgiving we spent it with my Mom's side of the family. We met up in St. George at my Grandparents Home. We missed my Brothers and their wives, but it was still fun. I decided to take it upon myself to cook for everyone. I unfortunately only got one picture (to come). I made it a little easier on myself and picked up some turkey breast at the Honey Baked Ham store, but I still did the rest of the cooking. We had a spread pretty similar to last years, but my Grandma made Waldorf Salad, Frog Eye Salad, and bought pies. It was nice to have everyone there that could be there. I know my Aunt was glad she didn't have to cook, but she did get to do the dishes. We visited a lot, and did general hanging out. There was no shopping on Black Friday, because I refuse to take part in that chaos. Instead Hubby volunteered to watch the kids, while my Mom, and lil' Sister, and I went and had pedicures.It was my sisters first time, and I talked them both into getting colors they wouldn't normally wear. If you didn't guess mine are the turquoise toes, my Mom got an electric purple (top right), but it looks hot pink in the picture, and my sister got a hot pink (top left). We had a good time, got some lunch and did some good bonding and girl talk.
Friday night Hubby and I talked my Mom and Step-Dad to play a rousing game of Battle of the Sexes with us. It is one of our favorite games and everyone had a great time. Hubby and Step-Dad won, but we all learned just a little more about the opposite sex.
On Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I ventured out and did a little shopping, mostly window shopping.
I am Thankful for the opportunity we had to spend some time with my Grandparents, and for them opening their home for the holiday. This year we have tried to spend more time with our families, mostly because living in Arkansas, we didn't have that much contact with our families here in Utah.
I am also Thankful for the Gospel in our lives. As we get older and we and our family members move onto the next stages of life, I am grateful to know that when they pass on into the next life, I will be able to see them again. It's hard to think about not having them around, but it's the cycle of life, and Heavenly Father's Plan and Christs' Sacrifice are the greatest gifts we have.
I hope this holiday season we can all take a step back and realize, remember, and rejoice in our families here in this life and those in the next life, and for me the ones still to come.