Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

I know that I'm more than a week overdue for this post, but here it is. This year was an off year (meaning no dressing up for Hubby), but I begged him to dress up with me for his sister's party. I was Goldie Locks, and he was my Grumpy Bear. I ordered my costume, and then made some bloomers for it because it was too short (not pictured), and I made Hubby's costume. It's basically a fuzzy, short sleeved hoodie with ears and a tail. He wore all brown and I made some fuzzy shoes for him to wear.This is his grumpy bear look.

For the day off we bought a bunch of candy and headed over to Hubby's families house to hand out it out. We carved a pumpkin, roasted the seeds, took turns handing out candy, and watched their new kitty and puppy play. It was funny to watch all the shenanigans. Here is a cute picture of the animals playing with each other.Mishka is the dog, he's a lab mix, and Koshka is the cat, she is a Siamese mix.
That's all for now, back to the grind of life and work.