Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glammed Up for the Holidays

I love Christmas! And I love being festive in many ways. This year I decided to go a little glam in the looks department. Hubbies Mom is an Estition and she is great at it. She also does Eye Lash Extensions (check out her site here for pricing), so I've been getting them done, and she's been getting some practice. Her is her wonderful work.
You can put mascara on them (they won't last as long), but I don't, that's probably the best thing I like about them, wake up and go.
I forgot to get a before picture, but here is couple of old ones of me.This is without mascara.And here is one with mascara. So even when I have mascara my natural eyelashes are short and thin. If you live in Utah Valley or surrounding areas and want to get them done, you can contact me or go to her website and contact her directly.
So my other glam for the season is colored nail tips. Normally I stick with traditional white french manicure, and Hubby likes it best, but I thought I'd get a little saucy.A few months ago I got green and liked it well enough. The glitter was different and as my nails wore down it got funky, but I'm loving this red glitter acrylic. I would challenge everyone to do something obvious, and outside their comfort zone this season. It will brighten your day.