Thursday, July 21, 2011


What do you do when you have someone who needs to travel with a piece of office equipment that isn't meant to travel?
In my case, Hubby asked me to make a bag for it. It was a paper scanner, and his coworker needed to take it on a plane, but didn't want to take it in it's original packaging because then he would have had to check it (we all know baggage handlers aren't soft handed with our luggage.) So we (Hubby and I) put our heads together and came up with an idea. I then took the idea and made it happen.

TA DA!We got some black duck canvas for the outside and a cotton print for the inside. I also made a hard foam board and soft foam to go in between the layers. It wasn't too bad getting it started, but because of the awkward rigidity of it, I wasn't able to use my sewing machine to finish it, so I had to hand sew all the layers together. I also used nylon webbing for the straps and closures.Here is the inside. One of Hubby's requests was to have robots on the inside. He is a techno guys, so robots are cool. I think it was funny, and hopefully the airport TSA people thought it was funny too.Here it is with the scanner inside. It fit perfectly (because I measured the scanner before I started, and checked my work as I went along). Hubby and his coworker were very impressed that I got it together in less than 3 days.

It will be my first, last, and only bag of this specific kind, but I'm glad it worked.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do It Yourself Birthday Gifts!

I always have a hard time picking something a bit less practical for gifts. Hubby kept asking me what I wanted for my Birthday this year, and I couldn't give him a great answer. So we ran around and did some errands, ate at a great pizza place for lunch, and went shopping (mostly window shopping). We stopped by Harbor Freight and Hubby found this bag:It's a tool bag that will stay open (because it has stiff wires at the zipper.) At the time I commented that it would great if it was in a different color, then I could use it as a purse.

Well, Hubby took that as a sign of a great gift for me. We went and got another one, and I proceeded to take it apart to make a pattern and make myself a new purse. I tease Hubby, and tell everyone that he got me a Make-Your-Own-Purse Kit.Here are the pieces from the original bag, and the pieces I cut out to make a new one. I reused the zipper and the handles (including wire) since I didn't want to spend more time finding a long enough zipper.And TA-DA! Here is my awesome green bag. We found a reminent of Olive Green Duck Canvas, and I already had an awesome print. It has three pockets on each side of the outside. and lots of inside pockets.Here is the inside. I got too excited when I got it done and loaded it up before I remembered to take pictures, so pardon some of my stuff. Do you just love the fab cotton print.
NOTE: I tried it out in the middle of typing this post, and I need to put in a shoulder strap, because I didn't realize how much I automatically sling or tried to sling my purse over my shoulder. I'll post a revised picture when I get around to actually getting the strap on. Here is Hubby's 'Tool' bag next to my new Birthday 'Purse'. I totally love it! Thanks to my awesome Hubby!
My other 'DoItYourself' birthday present was a skirt. I saw THIS super cute tutorial over at Running With Scissors. I just had to make one (minus the pockets because I didn't have enough fabric).I still want to put a few more rows of shirring, but I ran out of time to get it done. I fell in love with the print.
The actual day of my birthday was nice, we took it fairly easy, spent some time with my family, and each other. I still have another gift coming from my Dad, so I'll post again what it is and what I did with it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camping Season

One of our favorite things to do is camping. Living in Arkansas, we were sort of perma-camping, but here in Utah, we have a lot more places to go. So far this year we've gone a couple of times.
The first time we went up American Fork Canyon and luckily found a great spot. We took the dog, and planned to be there for a couple of days, but it was so cold at night, we didn't stay the second night. He was so cold he was shivering. Hubby let him share his air mattress, and used his bed as a blanket, since I had the only two extra blankets. Other than that it was nice to be out in nature. We found great spot right by a creek, so there was a nice breeze and the humidity was higher and made it nicer. Here are some pictures:Here is our campsite. It had just enough room for our tent.Here is the path to the car and to the restroom (which is a must for me).
This is the creek by our site. It was pretty full and moving pretty quickly.Here is what the dog had to keep him entertained. You can also see a Hubby leg and a doggie leg. The 65lb dog loves to sit in Hubby's lap.
The second camping trip was over the 4th of July weekend. We went with some friends, their 2 six-year-old boys, their RV and 4-wheeler, to an RV Park in Manti. It was nice to catch up with them, but it was noisy. We were right by the entrance to the Park, and so the dog barked at everyone (cars, truck, ATV, and people) that went by. We ended up going home early to get a day of normal rest at home.
Hopefully there will be more camping this year.