Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspiration for Decorations!

Last week we went to dinner with my side of the family to celebrate my step-Mom's birthday. My cute Sister-in-Law and Little Brother made these cute season blocks. Each side has a letter for each season. I loved them, and decided to borrow that idea and make my own. So thank you Lil Bro and Sis-in-Law for the inspiration. Here is what I came up with:Here is the first one, since it's the current season. I just painted the blocks to match my color scheme. And picked some cute fonts, traced on the letters and painted them in, since I don't have a vinyl letter machine and I wanted to get them done.
And just a quarter turn and you get this:I brightened my color scheme colors.
Another quarter turn:I tried to use more fall colors that match some of my flower arrangements.
A quarter turn:For winter I matched the colors of my ornaments that I use on my Christmas Tree.
Another quarter turn and you start over.
Here is where I put the cute blocks. I still have to hang our clock, but you get the idea. Plus I love that they are kid friendly, because everyone just wants to go up to them and turn them. I'm thinking about putting some felt pads on the bottom to keep from scratching the cabinet surface, so it's on my very long 'To Do' list.
I've also been tweaking my other decorations, and am still working on getting more of my pictures hung up. Here is the current state of my decorations.Here is the entertainment center. There is even a change from this {really badly taken} picture. I (0r rather Hubby) re potted my plant into a green pot. So see the before go here. I also finally got some candles to go on my candle holders. I really like how it turned out. I just wish the picture was better.
I kept my 'Family Wall' the same, because I LOVE how it turned out the first time it did it. Click here to see how it turned out. This is my 'Travel Wall'. It's the wall by the kitchen. I finally got all my books from the old house and onto the shelves. I have stacked all the pictures that need to go on the walls on top of them. With this wall I want to hang pictures of all the places we've been together. I already made the center piece for the wall. There was already the white calendar holder, so I picked a picture from our Barbados trip and put text on top of it that says "Of all the places we've been together, We always find our way back home." I'll have to post more pictures when I get it all done.
That's where I'm at. I'm still working on my list of things I want to get done, so keep checking back for more updates.