Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot Dogs and Silly Kitties!

We've had some beautiful weather off and on, so when it's nice, we've been going outside. Duke has been doing better off the leash, so we let him run around the backyard. He's pretty good at staying on the property. He loves his frisbee, and the kids have lots of tennis balls around that he will eventually claim as his own and bring inside when he's done playing.Here is the view from the backyard. I love going out there and being able to see the LDS Timpanogos Temple. Hopefully we'll be able to visit soon. Hubby has been really, super, busy with work, so I've been trying to support him.
Desi even loves being outside. We do have a harness and a leash for her, that she totally hates. And the very first thing she does is rub all over the concrete. I just laugh at her.Here she is sitting in a camping chair next to me. I put a cover over the top of her to keep her from overheating and she just loves it. She watches the dog play, the bees buzzing by, and loves smelling the fresh air when the wind kicks up. All the kids think its funny that she would rather sit in the chair then play on the grass. I have a very spoiled cat.A couple of weeks ago, we saw this rubber chicken at the Walmart, so we got it for Duke, thinking he would tear it up since it squeaks. Well, he actually protects it. He acts like it's in distress when we squeak it, and get's mad at us. I took this picture after I was playing with the chicken (making it squeak), and he was growling at me if I got too close to him and his 'Baby'. He also has to have it next to him on his bed at night, or he'll whine, until we go and get it for him. He won't even pick it up for his self.
This one is just because it was a cute picture. Aren't fuzzy babies the funnest?!?