Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keep On, Keeping On!

It's been a busy month, trying to get settled in and starting my new diet, but I have also been crafting.
I made a few more Angry Birds. Here are all of them together. The kids upstairs love playing with them when they come down. It's fun to see their imaginations with them.
We went to St. George, Utah for Easter weekend to spend with my side (Mom's side) of the family. We all met up at my grandparents house: my Mom and step-Dad drove up from Phoenix, while two of my siblings (and their families) and Hubby and I drove down from Salt Lake. It was a fun weekend and I was very grateful to have such a wonderful family. We all got together and planned baskets for my Niece, Nephew, and young Cousin. I crocheted some cute baby ducks (pattern found here). They stand about eight inches tall and the kids loved them, especially my niece. I actually ended up making four, because the youngest of the kids upstairs saw it and fell in love with it, so I gave the first one to her. I just love seeing the faces of the kids that get joy from the things I make.
I also wanted an Easter dress and found a last minute tutorial here. It was fun and easy. I went to the Wal-Mart and found some cute fabric that I liked (only $1.50 a yard). Then I found a brown turtle neck for $1 in the clearance section (since there weren't any brown short sleeved shirts). I just made a V-neck, short sleeved shirt from the turtle neck, and followed the tutorial for the skirt. It was nice and comfy, and everyone was shocked that I made it out of some fabric and a turtle neck shirt.
On Sunday we did family pictures with everyone. Here is Hubby and me for our family picture. I like it. And it was nice to have someone else get a nice, updated picture of us.I hope that everyone had a great Easter and enjoyed time with their loved ones. We sure did.
I've got lots more projects in the works, and more weight to loose, so let's keep on, keeping on.


Pam Peters said...

What great pic of you guys! You look so beautiful!

EmilyHerb18 said...

Steph you look great. And I can't believe how awesome you are doing on the weight loss. Way to go girl!

Jolley's said...

You are quite the seamstress! I can't believe all the neat projects you've done. Love them all!
Do you sell those angry birds? My kids would LOVE them and I'd love to buy some from you if you sell them. :)