Thursday, March 31, 2011

Couch Redo, and Decorating

We have moved in and I'm working on making things homey. I managed to get pictures on the walls, and decorations on horizontal surfaces. Then I worked on repurposing the couch cushions. Our landlords/friends brought down some old couches for us to use/keep, and they said that I could do whatever I wanted to them. So here is the outcome.The before on the couch. Kind of plain, plus the back cushions would squish down and become uncomfortable. So I made new linings and covers, then took the stuffing out of the old cushions and put them in the new ones.Here is the after. I still have to make new accent pillows (I just used my old ones from Arkansas until I get it done.). I had four yards of this cute brown and white damask, so on half the pillows I did a center brown ruffle, and on the other half I did a stripe with some tan suede and green jersey.Here is the love seat. They had red pillows that came with them, but red isn't in my color scheme, so they went.Here is the after on the loveseat. The result is great. They are a lot more comfortable, and they brighten up the room.
Here are some pictures of the decorations and pictures I put up. They already had these beautiful entertainment center and movie cabnit, so I utilized them.Hubby bought me fresh flowers about a week ago, and they have opened up and are still looking good. I love fresh flowers! I am also missing some candles for my candle sticks. I keep forgetting them when I go to the store.Here is the movie case. We still have a clock that we are going to put on the wall, but it's still at the old house, and I always forget it when I go back and get another car load.d (Don't mind the cords, they go to the entertainment system, and we just deal with them there.)Here is my family wall. I put all my family pictures and family related stuff on the wall. Plus my awesome paper lunch bag wreath with the new ribbon. I used Command Hooks for hanging all these (I used the velcro picture ones-large and medium, and decorating hooks for pictures that had a spot for the hook). It was nice because I rearranged several things and it didn't leave any unwanted holes in the walls. I still have more walls to decorate, plus my bookshelves to organize and decorate the tops, so I'll post more pictures later.
And just for fun, here is a picture of the Dog on the LovSac that we put inbetween the two couches. He loves all the room we have.