Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Art of Moving, A Lot!

Last weekend we moved into our new place. It's so good to be here. Basement living it fun! The dog loves the kids, and the kids love the dog! He did really well meeting them. He's a jumper, so we were worried about it, but the kids took it in stride. The cat hid the first day or so, then she decided to be adventurous and explore her new home. She is curious about the kids, but keeps her distance. She's always been that way.
We just brought over the necessities to get through day to day stuff, but hopefully we'll be able to get our books, food storage, and all my decorations over soon. I'm so excited to have a normal sized kitchen, a living room with comfortable couches and a real TV. I have been working on getting the stuff we did bring, organized. There is so much space compared to the trailer in Arkansas, that I just keep rearranging everything to see how it fits best, and it's not all overstuffed and stacked on top of itself. We've been making mini trips and just loading up the car and moving it. Next on my list is the rest of my kitchen stuff. Because of my need to plan and organize, I have been dreaming about where I want to put everything, and how I want to decorate. Hubby just listens when I tell him my ideas. Occasionally he has some ideas, but he mostly just lets me do my thing. I'll post pictures as soon as I have something to take a picture of.
So, in the end {number} eleven is still in the process, but it's all good.