Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Road

It's been over a week since we left Arkansas and arrived in our new home in Utah. It was a long drive (2 1/2 days of driving). We were pretty beat and took a few days off to recoup before the unpacking began. And I am proud to say that I'm about 90% unpacked. I mostly limited by my stupid back. It is not so fun to have back problems at such a young age, but it's hereditary, so I just deal.
So here are some pictures of the road. I was behind Hubby the whole way, so you'll see most of the pictures were taken from my perspective in the car looking at the moving truck.

I think this was in the middle of Oklahoma somewhere. The only way I knew we had crossed over into Oklahoma from Arkansas was the giant Indian Casino on the border. Oklahoma was pretty flat and boring, but a lot of toll roads.Here is the cat. She was pretty good for the ride. She only had one incident and that was only six miles into the journey. Her first try at getting comfortable for the ride.And this is where she spent 90% of the time while in the car. She got as comfortable as she could in her harness and leash that was seat-belted in for safety. It was funny to look in the rear view mirror and see just a ball of fuzz.This is getting into Texas around sunset. Because we were heading west it was very long and changed as we went with the clouds going east. It's one of my favorite pictures.We stopped in Amarillo the first night, and having two animals we didn't have the best options for less money. We thought it was funny to see a no smoking sticker on the ash tray. I guess they put it there as a reminder.Here is the cat in the motel room. She has been in hotel/motels before.Here is the dog. He didn't know what to do in a motel room. It was small and he couldn't just go run around outside. He had a harder time traveling. He get's anxious and car sick, so the vet gave us something for him before we left. Hubby said he did okay after he got used to it. But the dog would cry if Hubby got out of his sight.And here we are entering into New Mexico. They had this big sign, and nothing to back it up. There was a lot of flat, dry, sage brush covered land. New Mexico gets a 'Meh' from me.This is after we got into Colorado. I thought it was beautiful with the snowy mountains in the background. It was a nice change from the flat, red, Indian reservation we'd been looking at for a few hours. We could sure tell when we changed states though. We thought that was interesting.
Here is Chimney Rock. I had heard about it and learned about it in American History, and now we've seen it (all be it from a moving car).We drove through Colorado and stoped in Southeastern Utah for the second night. We were pretty grateful for the outside support on finding a hotel for us to stay at.
This is Southeastern Utah somewhere. I liked the contrast between the red rocks and the snow covered mountains in the distance. (click on the picture to see it bigger, and appreciate it more.)
This is near Moab somewhere. I would have liked to get a picture of the famous arch, but it fell down in the last couple of years. Hubby didn't even know that we drove by it. I did like all the red rock though.Here we are getting ready to enter the canyon (probably the hardest part of the drive). This is called the San Raphael Reef. It looks like the rocks just jutted out sideways from the earth. It stretched on for miles like that. I knew that Utah has some pretty landscape, but it was nice to experience it for myself.After driving a half day on our third day, we got our LovSac out and by bed time, this is what the dog was like. He had a toy and could see Hubby, so he was perfectly content and very tired. The cat was quick to find her favorite spot. She sits in the window in the Kitchen most mornings, because it gets the most sunlight. It's still fun to see her from the outside. And it's so idealistic for a cat to sit in the window of an old house.
Well, the journey was long, but uneventful and we made it safely. I am very thankful to the four guys who unloaded our truck (with a little help from me and Hubby). They got it unloaded in about three hours, while I sorted it all while they brought it in. I am also thankful to all the friends and family that helped us load the truck, especially Hubby's' Dad. With out him we wouldn't have made the final push and gotten all the odds and ends taken care of. We will difenately miss all our friends we made in Arkansas, but we will be back to visit. Now we are on to the next chapter in our lives, and I can't wait for what adventures we will have next.


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you got there safely. And that sunset picture is FABULOUS!

Emily Poll said...

glad you made it back to utah...and i am so glad i came across your blog! now that i don't live in utah, i hate missing out on all the family news:) hopefully this will be a good way to stay in touch even though we are way out here in nyc. hope you are doing well! i

EmilyHerb18 said...

can't wait to see pictures of your new home. Miss you guys!