Monday, February 7, 2011

Queen of the Cardboard Jungle

We are accomplished packers and movers. Ever since we found out we were moving, we've been pulling stuff out of our hiddey-holes, sorting through everything, and packing it up (or throwing it out). The cat is in Heaven! She LOVES boxes! She feels safe in them, on them, or even next to them. This is how she has been spending most of her time.We put an empty box on the top and made it easy for her to get to for a while.She defends her tower if either Hubby or I get too close.
The Dog has been pretty out of sorts because we've been moving things around. Not too much longer and we'll get everything settled.
This week I had a friend from Church finally realized that I make purses, and she had some super cute fabric. Check out Taylor Made Designs for more details.