Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally! A Few Fishinsh Projects

I finally got out of my sewing funk, and got some projects that I've been procrastinating on, done. I finally finished my first knitting project that I started in May (and redid about 5 times). My winter scarf, just in time for the really cold weather. It ended up being about five feet long, and I only did the ruffle effect on the ends, since it was taking forever.I also made a quick crochet scarf, that is about 8 feet long. It's more for fashion, than actual warmth.I also made this cute Flapper inspired hat that I found here. It turned out a little small, so I have to fix it, or something.I also made a couple of cute drawstring back packs for some friends' kids. The one pictured above is for the cutest 19 month old.I also made a suede bag for one of my Grandmothers. I used three tones of suede for the outside.And I lined it with a simple print.I also made myself a new messenger bag. It's for those days when I know I'll be sitting somewhere for a while with nothing to do, so I can bring my knitting, and a book, and any other thing I want to stuff into it. On the outside it cut up a bunch of 2inch strips and sewed them together randomly. On the inside I did pockets all the way across on both side (like I do for my diaper bags). It's getting a lot of use so far.

I also made a cute red shirt, but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll have to post one later.