Monday, January 24, 2011

Down to Two

Last weekend we were able to find a loving home to all the animals (except the cat and dog). We were very worried about finding someplace for them to go. Although they are just animals, it was hard to see them go, because we raised them from babies, (most from eggs). I made sure to take some pictures before they went.It snowed last week and most of them didn't like being in it. Here are the pictures.Here is the A-Frame, it only had a small window without snow on it. The Duckins didn't know what to do.Here is Rockie running through the snow. Like the others, he didn't like it on his feet.The ducks sat down and pulled in their feet to eat their scratch grains in the morning.The white house chickens didn't like the looks of snow, and refused to leave their house.The Ducks even sat down to get a drink of water.The big house chickens were torn between getting something to eat and having to get into the snow. I ended up giving them some scratch in their house.Fluffy and Chubby, wanting to get out of their cage until they saw the dog.Fluffer-nutter jumping around his cage.Duke loves the snow, but he was ready to go back inside to Hubby.Desi is in box heaven. She loves boxes, and has been spending most of her time on top of the ones we've packed and stacked in the kitchen. This one is a small box on the LovSac, but she loves it just the same. She feels safe on or in them.