Monday, January 24, 2011

Down to Two

Last weekend we were able to find a loving home to all the animals (except the cat and dog). We were very worried about finding someplace for them to go. Although they are just animals, it was hard to see them go, because we raised them from babies, (most from eggs). I made sure to take some pictures before they went.It snowed last week and most of them didn't like being in it. Here are the pictures.Here is the A-Frame, it only had a small window without snow on it. The Duckins didn't know what to do.Here is Rockie running through the snow. Like the others, he didn't like it on his feet.The ducks sat down and pulled in their feet to eat their scratch grains in the morning.The white house chickens didn't like the looks of snow, and refused to leave their house.The Ducks even sat down to get a drink of water.The big house chickens were torn between getting something to eat and having to get into the snow. I ended up giving them some scratch in their house.Fluffy and Chubby, wanting to get out of their cage until they saw the dog.Fluffer-nutter jumping around his cage.Duke loves the snow, but he was ready to go back inside to Hubby.Desi is in box heaven. She loves boxes, and has been spending most of her time on top of the ones we've packed and stacked in the kitchen. This one is a small box on the LovSac, but she loves it just the same. She feels safe on or in them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Official. . .

We're Moving! Back to Utah! Aaaakkkk! I know, not something we actually planned to happen, ever, especially me, but it's happening, and it's a good move. Hubbies work is expanding and they want us back to Utah A.S.A.P. It's crazy to be moving again (#10 in less than 7 years), but everything literally fell into place while we were out in Utah last week.
So, now begins the sorting, and packing process. Having been in the current place long enough, we have accumulated and need to throw away the extra stuff we don't need anymore. It's not like we have a ton of stuff. Living in a small area with little storage, means that we haven't got too much to go through. We just have to get it all together and sorted (and not just throw into a box to get it out of the way. We have lots of junk boxes full of random stuff). I am, by my OCD, a list maker, and a planner, so I've been mulling over what to sort through first, what's a priority to keep, what needs to be thrown out, and what can we pack first that we don't need to use in the meantime. I once saw this comic strip about the process of packing boxes to move. I couldn't find it, so here is my version.
First Day: Pack everything nicely with bubble wrap and stack nicely in boxes. Carefully labeling contents and what room they are to go in.
Second Day: Pack similar objects in box and labeling what room they go in.
Third Day: Packing anything within reach into a box and labeling it junk.
Forth Day: Dumping random drawers into a box and labeling it junk I Hate.

My hope and goal is to avoid having to go through the above process, because I'd rather just get rid of the junk to being with.
We will definitely miss all the friends we've made, and the family that we are close to, but we are looking forward to all the new opportunities we will have to live back in Utah. Wish us luck.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally! A Few Fishinsh Projects

I finally got out of my sewing funk, and got some projects that I've been procrastinating on, done. I finally finished my first knitting project that I started in May (and redid about 5 times). My winter scarf, just in time for the really cold weather. It ended up being about five feet long, and I only did the ruffle effect on the ends, since it was taking forever.I also made a quick crochet scarf, that is about 8 feet long. It's more for fashion, than actual warmth.I also made this cute Flapper inspired hat that I found here. It turned out a little small, so I have to fix it, or something.I also made a couple of cute drawstring back packs for some friends' kids. The one pictured above is for the cutest 19 month old.I also made a suede bag for one of my Grandmothers. I used three tones of suede for the outside.And I lined it with a simple print.I also made myself a new messenger bag. It's for those days when I know I'll be sitting somewhere for a while with nothing to do, so I can bring my knitting, and a book, and any other thing I want to stuff into it. On the outside it cut up a bunch of 2inch strips and sewed them together randomly. On the inside I did pockets all the way across on both side (like I do for my diaper bags). It's getting a lot of use so far.

I also made a cute red shirt, but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll have to post one later.