Monday, December 12, 2011

Temple Lights

Over the weekend Hubby and I went out with my family for my little Brother's birthday. We went to The Garden at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was pretty good food. Afterwards we went and walked around Temple Square to look at the lights. I hadn't been since I was a teenager, so I had forgotten how many lights they actually put up. I took a few pictures.These don't do it justice, but if you click on the pictures to make them bigger it gives you a better idea.Here is just a front view of the Temple without Christmas lights.I really liked all the red they had.This was a really neat Nativity they had between properties. They had all these lit candles floating on the pool. It just captures the majesty of the scene, the Temple, and the calmness of the water.
If you live in Northern Utah, and have a chance to go, it's fun, but also dress warm, with lots of layers.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Buns Up

Today was a pony tail day, but I wanted something a little more exciting, and I remembered seeing this great tutorial from Happy Together, so I thought I'd try it out. Here are my results (keep in mind it's been in all day, and I've touched and bumped it a lot, so it's messier that when I started my day.)The front is pretty boring, as I don't have bangs, and didn't do a part.This is the view from the top, I like this view, but it's the most unseen.Here is the side view, super cute! Don't mind my fuzzy stragglers, it's a product of naturally frizzy hair.Here is the back straight on. A little messy, but it still looks cool.Here is another back view, but more top than bottom.
It is a super easy do, so head over to Happy Together and check out her tutorial.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glammed Up for the Holidays

I love Christmas! And I love being festive in many ways. This year I decided to go a little glam in the looks department. Hubbies Mom is an Estition and she is great at it. She also does Eye Lash Extensions (check out her site here for pricing), so I've been getting them done, and she's been getting some practice. Her is her wonderful work.
You can put mascara on them (they won't last as long), but I don't, that's probably the best thing I like about them, wake up and go.
I forgot to get a before picture, but here is couple of old ones of me.This is without mascara.And here is one with mascara. So even when I have mascara my natural eyelashes are short and thin. If you live in Utah Valley or surrounding areas and want to get them done, you can contact me or go to her website and contact her directly.
So my other glam for the season is colored nail tips. Normally I stick with traditional white french manicure, and Hubby likes it best, but I thought I'd get a little saucy.A few months ago I got green and liked it well enough. The glitter was different and as my nails wore down it got funky, but I'm loving this red glitter acrylic. I would challenge everyone to do something obvious, and outside their comfort zone this season. It will brighten your day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

This year for Thanksgiving we spent it with my Mom's side of the family. We met up in St. George at my Grandparents Home. We missed my Brothers and their wives, but it was still fun. I decided to take it upon myself to cook for everyone. I unfortunately only got one picture (to come). I made it a little easier on myself and picked up some turkey breast at the Honey Baked Ham store, but I still did the rest of the cooking. We had a spread pretty similar to last years, but my Grandma made Waldorf Salad, Frog Eye Salad, and bought pies. It was nice to have everyone there that could be there. I know my Aunt was glad she didn't have to cook, but she did get to do the dishes. We visited a lot, and did general hanging out. There was no shopping on Black Friday, because I refuse to take part in that chaos. Instead Hubby volunteered to watch the kids, while my Mom, and lil' Sister, and I went and had pedicures.It was my sisters first time, and I talked them both into getting colors they wouldn't normally wear. If you didn't guess mine are the turquoise toes, my Mom got an electric purple (top right), but it looks hot pink in the picture, and my sister got a hot pink (top left). We had a good time, got some lunch and did some good bonding and girl talk.
Friday night Hubby and I talked my Mom and Step-Dad to play a rousing game of Battle of the Sexes with us. It is one of our favorite games and everyone had a great time. Hubby and Step-Dad won, but we all learned just a little more about the opposite sex.
On Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I ventured out and did a little shopping, mostly window shopping.
I am Thankful for the opportunity we had to spend some time with my Grandparents, and for them opening their home for the holiday. This year we have tried to spend more time with our families, mostly because living in Arkansas, we didn't have that much contact with our families here in Utah.
I am also Thankful for the Gospel in our lives. As we get older and we and our family members move onto the next stages of life, I am grateful to know that when they pass on into the next life, I will be able to see them again. It's hard to think about not having them around, but it's the cycle of life, and Heavenly Father's Plan and Christs' Sacrifice are the greatest gifts we have.
I hope this holiday season we can all take a step back and realize, remember, and rejoice in our families here in this life and those in the next life, and for me the ones still to come.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Accidental Infinity Scarf

I've been doing some sewing lately (posts about those projects later), and I was trimming off extra material off the bottom of a shirt. Well, it was quite a bit of material and I didn't want to throw it out, so I hung it around my neck to deal with it later. I got up and looked in the mirror, and it looked good, so I evened it out, and fixed the seams, and ta da! a new easy-peasy scarf.So far I've only worn it these two ways, but I'm sure there are more, I just haven't had it long enough to come up with new combs. Cotton knit jersey is great, because it doesn't run, and it hangs nicely.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Hand Bag Pattern

With my blog reading, and internet surfing, I came upon an awesome pattern. Two great things about it: 1) It's an Amy Butler Pattern, and 2) It was free! You can get yours here from Sew Mama Sew. That site is amazing and I am so inspired by the great crafts and projects they have on there.
So here is my Amy Butler Blossom Shoulder Bag:The only thing I changed was I added a small inside pocket for my cell phone. I'm super paranoid about scratching it up, and not finding it in the depths of my FULL purse.I found this great print at JoAnn Fabrics. I'm not normally a yellow/mustard color kind of girl, but I fell in love with the pattern, and it screams fall/winter to me. I just used a plain brown for the lining.And look, it fits ALL my crap that I HAVE to carry with me everywhere I go. Yes even a crochet project (more on that later).
This is a great project for all you intermediate sewers out there. Check it out and see if it's something you want to make for yourself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Dates are Awesome!

Hubby and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary of our first date this week. We didn't do anything exciting, yet, since we have both been fighting colds. We did a lot of reminiscing of what we were both feeling that night. I am so excited that life has taking us on this journey, and I wouldn't want anyone else to share it with.
I love you Hubby! Thanks for 8 years of wonderful first dates.Just for everyone's enjoyment. Here is our first picture together. It was the day after Thanksgiving 2003, and it was the first time I met Hubby's family and they were doing family pictures and I was in them. We knew, even three weeks after we started dating, that we were meant to be together for the rest of eternity.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

I know that I'm more than a week overdue for this post, but here it is. This year was an off year (meaning no dressing up for Hubby), but I begged him to dress up with me for his sister's party. I was Goldie Locks, and he was my Grumpy Bear. I ordered my costume, and then made some bloomers for it because it was too short (not pictured), and I made Hubby's costume. It's basically a fuzzy, short sleeved hoodie with ears and a tail. He wore all brown and I made some fuzzy shoes for him to wear.This is his grumpy bear look.

For the day off we bought a bunch of candy and headed over to Hubby's families house to hand out it out. We carved a pumpkin, roasted the seeds, took turns handing out candy, and watched their new kitty and puppy play. It was funny to watch all the shenanigans. Here is a cute picture of the animals playing with each other.Mishka is the dog, he's a lab mix, and Koshka is the cat, she is a Siamese mix.
That's all for now, back to the grind of life and work.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Loving Memory

Last Saturday Hubbys Grandfather passed into the next life. He was such a wonderful man, and a great example of what a father, and grandfather should be. Although I didn't know him for very long, I felt loved and accepted by him. He had a way about him, you knew where you stood with him, and he wasn't afraid to let you know it. I know that some day Hubby will be just like him. Fortunately Hubby and his older sister were able to go to his funeral this week. They said it was a beautiful service and they celebrated his life the way he lived it. Hubby and his male cousins were the pall bearers and the granddaughters also helped in the service. Hubby got to read a passage in the Bible (I'll update later). I missed being there and supporting them, but at least they got to go. They are such a wonderful family and he will truely be missed, but he left behind his strenghth in everyone he touched.
Here is his obituary.
We love you Grandpa, and I know we will see you again in the next life.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making Strides

This last weekend I went with my Sister-In-Law (Hubbys older sister), to the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Salt Lake City.  It was cold and rainy, but it didn't stop people from coming out and supporting the cause. 
I don't normally voice my opinions on causes, but I have near and dear personal reasons for supporting the fight against breast cancer.  It was amazing to see all the people of all walks of life that have been touched by the effects of Breast Cancer.  I was only able to do half of the 5 mile walk, but next year we are planning on doing all 5 miles. 
I encourage all you women who read this blog, to check your boobies once a month, especially if you have a family history of Breast Cancer.  Early detection is the greated weapon we have against the desease. 
Go to the Making Strides website to find an event near you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

72 Hours and MREs

After several months of collecting little things for our 72-Hour Kits, they are 90% done (we are missing food and water - to be gotten this week). For FHE (Family Home Evening) this week we did some testing and packing. We went to Emergency Essentials over the weekend and picked out a few MREs to test out. We didn't eat the entire meal, we just tasted everything we got.
Here is what we tasted:
Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce - Pretty Good, similar to canned Ravioli.
Pork Sausage with Cream Gravy - Fairly Rich, something we would share for a breakfast, with bread.
Mexican Style Corn - Ok, better warmed up.
Fudge Brownie with Chocolate Chips - AWESOME!
Stuffed French Toast - Ok
Marble Pound Cake - AWESOME! A little dry, but flavor makes up for it.
Wheat Snack Bread - Ok, we used some for the Sausage and Gravy, and it helped with richness of gravy.
Chicken and Veggies in Pesto - Ok, better warmed up.
Chicken and Dumplings - Fair.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Meh, probably better with gravy.
Cinnamon Bun - Similar to French Toast, but more cinnamony.
Oatmeal Cookie - Good, dry, but tasty.
Chicken with Mexican Beans - Pretty good, better warmed up.

With trying all these, we learned that if you are planning this type of food for your kit, get the heating packs for each meal for each person. It was a pretty good amount of food for each packet. We also tried the water in the pouches and the boxes. We thought they would taste funny, but they taste like softened water.

Here are our kits:Missing from picture is MREs and heaters, the rest of our water supply.It is packed full of lots of great stuff. Some of you may know that I love lists. I get it from my Mom. So here is my list of the stuff we put in our Kits:
Change of Clothes: Zip-off pants (converts to shorts), t-shirt, long johns, 2 pair socks, extra underwear, a wide-brim hat, lightweight shoes
Toiletries: Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothbrush/Paste/Floss, Soap, compact brush/comb, bug spray, sunblock, q-tips, wet wipes, tissues, chapstick, contact solution/case, extra pair glasses, sunglasses
Sanitation/Protection: travel TP, hand sanitizer, hand towel, scrub cloths, poncho, milar blanket/sleeping bag, hand warmers, tube tent, nylon cord, tactical cord, water purification tablets, potassium iodide tablets, feminine hygiene items,
First Aid: Tums, glucose tablets, temporary dental cap glue, ibuprofen, burn cream, surgical mask, gauze, gloves, ace bandage, tongue depressor, hand wipes, alcohol wipes, band aids, butterfly band aids, antibiotic ointment, Tylenol, aspirin, sting ease, inflatable splints, instant cold pack, paramedic scissors, prescription meds, blood sugar test kit
Misc: lighter, water-proof matches, magnesium fire starter, church key, mini can opener, P38s, mini windup LED flash lights, mini liquid parafin candles, paper soap, gorilla tape, sporks, glow sticks, notebook with pencil, pocket knife, sewing kit, booklet on knots, fishing kit in a can, booklet on dangerous plants and animals, survival book, Thumb drive with important information/pictures, small LED flashlight with extra batteries
Sustenance: MRE's, heater packs for MRE's, Water, Cat Food, Dog Food, Animal Treats, emergency meal bars
In the Bucket: Cat Litter/Box, Dog Poop bags, trash bags, toilet enzymes, rubber gloves, water filtration bottle, 5-Gal Bucket with toilet seat lid.

After that long list, I wanted to touch on a few interesting things. We are going to have a harness for Duke to carry his own food and water (plus that will help with his bouncing). Also we have long johns and the second pair of socks for winter conditions, plus the t-shirt and zip-off pants work for summer conditions. We also wanted to save our valuable information and just got a thumb drive and put copies of pictures, important documents, etc. onto it. You don't have to do MREs, we just felt that it was right for us. They are heavy on the stomach and high on calories, so keep that in mind. We would suggest you try them first before you completely commit to them.
As we worked on these, we were looking at it as though we would have to leave the house and so that's why there is so much stuff, but it all fits into our roller backpacks. The key to that is our vacuum sealer. It condenses the volume, and also waterproofs everything. We packaged things in a way to be able to open needed things and not everything.
We got stuff from Walmart, Maceys (if you live in Utah), Emergency Essentials, Recreation Outlet store, Harbor Freight, WinCo. It's all fairly accessible, you just have to want to do it and take the time getting things. We got most of it on sale, or clearance, or it was so small it was inexpensive. If anyone has any questions on our items or some items not here or if you think we missed something, just contact me and I'll help the best I can.
Our main goal with these is to not have to use them, but if we ever have to, we'll be ready for anything. I want to set goal for everyone who reads this: If you don't already have your 72-Hour Kit, put one together, even if it's just a change of clothes and food and water for three days, you'll at least be happy for that.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


What do you do when you have someone who needs to travel with a piece of office equipment that isn't meant to travel?
In my case, Hubby asked me to make a bag for it. It was a paper scanner, and his coworker needed to take it on a plane, but didn't want to take it in it's original packaging because then he would have had to check it (we all know baggage handlers aren't soft handed with our luggage.) So we (Hubby and I) put our heads together and came up with an idea. I then took the idea and made it happen.

TA DA!We got some black duck canvas for the outside and a cotton print for the inside. I also made a hard foam board and soft foam to go in between the layers. It wasn't too bad getting it started, but because of the awkward rigidity of it, I wasn't able to use my sewing machine to finish it, so I had to hand sew all the layers together. I also used nylon webbing for the straps and closures.Here is the inside. One of Hubby's requests was to have robots on the inside. He is a techno guys, so robots are cool. I think it was funny, and hopefully the airport TSA people thought it was funny too.Here it is with the scanner inside. It fit perfectly (because I measured the scanner before I started, and checked my work as I went along). Hubby and his coworker were very impressed that I got it together in less than 3 days.

It will be my first, last, and only bag of this specific kind, but I'm glad it worked.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do It Yourself Birthday Gifts!

I always have a hard time picking something a bit less practical for gifts. Hubby kept asking me what I wanted for my Birthday this year, and I couldn't give him a great answer. So we ran around and did some errands, ate at a great pizza place for lunch, and went shopping (mostly window shopping). We stopped by Harbor Freight and Hubby found this bag:It's a tool bag that will stay open (because it has stiff wires at the zipper.) At the time I commented that it would great if it was in a different color, then I could use it as a purse.

Well, Hubby took that as a sign of a great gift for me. We went and got another one, and I proceeded to take it apart to make a pattern and make myself a new purse. I tease Hubby, and tell everyone that he got me a Make-Your-Own-Purse Kit.Here are the pieces from the original bag, and the pieces I cut out to make a new one. I reused the zipper and the handles (including wire) since I didn't want to spend more time finding a long enough zipper.And TA-DA! Here is my awesome green bag. We found a reminent of Olive Green Duck Canvas, and I already had an awesome print. It has three pockets on each side of the outside. and lots of inside pockets.Here is the inside. I got too excited when I got it done and loaded it up before I remembered to take pictures, so pardon some of my stuff. Do you just love the fab cotton print.
NOTE: I tried it out in the middle of typing this post, and I need to put in a shoulder strap, because I didn't realize how much I automatically sling or tried to sling my purse over my shoulder. I'll post a revised picture when I get around to actually getting the strap on. Here is Hubby's 'Tool' bag next to my new Birthday 'Purse'. I totally love it! Thanks to my awesome Hubby!
My other 'DoItYourself' birthday present was a skirt. I saw THIS super cute tutorial over at Running With Scissors. I just had to make one (minus the pockets because I didn't have enough fabric).I still want to put a few more rows of shirring, but I ran out of time to get it done. I fell in love with the print.
The actual day of my birthday was nice, we took it fairly easy, spent some time with my family, and each other. I still have another gift coming from my Dad, so I'll post again what it is and what I did with it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camping Season

One of our favorite things to do is camping. Living in Arkansas, we were sort of perma-camping, but here in Utah, we have a lot more places to go. So far this year we've gone a couple of times.
The first time we went up American Fork Canyon and luckily found a great spot. We took the dog, and planned to be there for a couple of days, but it was so cold at night, we didn't stay the second night. He was so cold he was shivering. Hubby let him share his air mattress, and used his bed as a blanket, since I had the only two extra blankets. Other than that it was nice to be out in nature. We found great spot right by a creek, so there was a nice breeze and the humidity was higher and made it nicer. Here are some pictures:Here is our campsite. It had just enough room for our tent.Here is the path to the car and to the restroom (which is a must for me).
This is the creek by our site. It was pretty full and moving pretty quickly.Here is what the dog had to keep him entertained. You can also see a Hubby leg and a doggie leg. The 65lb dog loves to sit in Hubby's lap.
The second camping trip was over the 4th of July weekend. We went with some friends, their 2 six-year-old boys, their RV and 4-wheeler, to an RV Park in Manti. It was nice to catch up with them, but it was noisy. We were right by the entrance to the Park, and so the dog barked at everyone (cars, truck, ATV, and people) that went by. We ended up going home early to get a day of normal rest at home.
Hopefully there will be more camping this year.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cuddling on the Couch!

I've been inspired lately in my sewing. I wanted a new quilt for the couch, because I've been using a queen size one, and it's too big. So I searched the internet for inspiration. I cannot find the website that I was inspired by, but here is the outcome.This is the front (you cannot see one row of blocks because it's hanging over the back of the railing). It's 50 inches by 60 inches. I adapted the inspiration and came up with my own set of five 10 inch blocks. The original design was 80x100 and and was thinking about making it for our bed, but after then time it took for the last one, I scratched that idea and went smaller. So the way I laid out the design in Microsoft Excel, making it smaller caused an almost random pattern for the squares.Here is the back. I just took the scrapes from the front and made a band near the top.
For the material I just bought about 1/2 a yard of most of the colors and 3/4 of a yard for the darkest green (I had 5 shades of Green, 3 shades of Brown, and 2 shades of Turquoise), but I only ended up using about half of the fabric for the colors. For the tan I just bought a king sized flat sheet. That way I got the width and length I needed for the back if I did something different than what I ended up doing.Here is a close up of the front. Hubby helped me decided how to quilt it. I liked his idea better because it took a lot less time. I just ran straight stitches along the seams of the blocks. My skills are still improving in the quilting part of the process, and I look forward to my next quilt, probably another smaller one.

Monday, June 6, 2011

No Heat Curls

In reading in the blog world, I came upon this tutorial for no heat curls. I like having my hair curly, but hate the work it takes to get it there. So I tried it out. It turned out okay. I think the problem is that I didn't use enough gel before I wrapped up my hair, and I need a better headband. Here is the outcome. Sorry about the bad picture. I'm not the best at taking self portraits.I am going to get better stuff and try again, but it works for now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Season 2011 is Here!

Hubby was finally able to take some time off. I've been sick so I just watched him all day as he worked on the garden plots. Our Landlords/Friends already has some raised boxes, and we had planted some onions, garlic, and a cabbage (school project for one of the kids). So here is what we've started.Here is the cabbage, etc. This kids are so fascinated by the whole process.Here are the tomatoes. We bought one cherry tomato plant, and three canning tomato plants. We also planted come marigolds to help with bugs.This will have zucchini, yellow squash, and dill (it helps keep bugs away).This one will have two pickling cucumber plants, and a butternut squash plant.We also planted a bunch of herbs: Oregano, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Chives, Parsley, Catnip, Spearmint, Cumin, and Lavender.
We still want to plant some peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and pumpkins (pie and carving) near the raised beds. We also have a huge area that still needs some work, but we are planning lots and lots of corn, peas, and I would love sunflowers, probably some other things, but we'll see.
I love having a garden, mostly because I like to see how nature works.