Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October in an Eggshell

I think October is one of my favorite months. The weather here begins to cool (although I don't like being cold, I love my winter wardrobe), the leaves change colors, the animals get more active, and then there is Halloween, and I love Halloween. I like the dressing up aspect. As a child my Mom would always get us involved in the costume picking and making process. Hubby loves to hand out candy to the little kids. He aspires some day to hand out full sized candy bars instead of the snack size ones. Around the property the animals have been busy. All the babies are now six months and some of the hens have even begun to lay eggs. We are still getting 2 duck eggs a day, and the rest have tapered off a little.Here are the eggs we get in about a week. The regular chicken eggs are the four rows on the left, the duck eggs are the huge white ones, and the new ones are the three little ones on the bottom right corner. Here is the comparison with the new eggs and the duck eggs. The new eggs are about the size of the yolk in the duck eggs. They will eventually get bigger, but the duck eggs are too.

Now, here is my Halloween disclaimer, we are very unconventional people and have a weird sense of humor. So, for Halloween this year we went as the Keebler Elf, and the Keebler Tree, and we handed out Keebler brand snacks. It was quite shocking to everyone at our church's trunk-or-treat party. They first looked confused and then recognition sunk in and they laughed.Hubby was a good sport about the whole thing, mostly because it was half of his idea.
Here is the AWESOME medallion I made for Hubby. It was a fun labor of love and everyone was pretty impressed by it.Here are out hats. I knitted a pointed one for me and I glued leaves to a camo ball cap for Hubby. It was fun and everyone got a laugh.

And the last bit of an update, that is way over due. A while back I cut my hair and went back to being a blond and then a couple months ago I got glasses. So here is my updated look.