Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chaos Abounds

It's been over a month since my last entry, and that is due to lots of distracting things going on. I've been pretty sick, and finally Hubby convinced me to go to the Doctor to find out what was going on. We suspected Gall Stones. I had an ultrasound that was inconclusive, so I went for a dye test. They put radioactive dye in me that went into my liver and gallbladder. Then they gave me something to make my gallbladder spasm (not fun). Well, I guess that didn't turn out to well, because my doctor referred me to a surgeon. He said that my test came back severely abnormal. So, I was scheduled for surgery five days later. I was scared of surgery, but all went well. It's now two weeks later and I'm still recovering. It's going a lot harder and slower than I had anticipated. Hubby keeps reminding me that it was still major surgery even though they went in lathrscopically. I'm just glad it doesn't hurt to eat any more.
I have managed to get some crafty stuff done. I threw my first baby shower, although not as wonderful and fancy as it could have been (because I was post surgery), it still served it's purpose. Everyone does those diaper cakes and I wanted to do something different, so I did a bassinet. Here is how I did it:I started with a 50 pack of size 1 diapers, tape, twine/yarn (for securing), and ribbon.First I took 32 diapers and made the middle bottom, then I took 4 diapers per side and made a boarder. I wrapped my yarn around three times to secure the diapers.I took the remaining 10 diapers and set them on time, again securing them with the yarn.I then got some 3 inch wide ribbon and taped it at the begining and end to secure it and to cover the yarn.I then took my fancy/pretty ribbon and added finishing detains. I also made mock handles by taping some short pieces to the inside of the decorative part. I also made a cute spray of ribbon on one side.
It was fun and very easy to make. Also for the shower I tried my hand at embellishing onesies. Here are the results:I had this blue flower already, so I just used a button and a scrap of interfacing (for the back) and sewed it onto the onesie.It was a little girl and here name starts with an 'A' so, I found a font I liked and traced it onto the interfaced fabric and then hand sewed it on.The ruffle bottom. I had some red knit jersey and cut it into 1 inch strips, twice as wide as the onesie, ruffled it up and sewed it on a row at a time. Everyone loved this one the most.
I've got a list of projects still to work on and get done, so there will be more pictures later. Hopefully I won't wait six plus weeks to have another entry.


Scott and Nicole albertson said...

Hope you keep feeling better!