Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where the Wild Things Grow

This year has been full of fun surprises on the property. In the past years we've had some wild things grow here and there and not really do anything. This year we have several huge wild strawberry patches, a raspberry patch, grapes, a sumac tree, and lots of daisies. We have been putting a lot into the land with a garden, fruit trees, and animals, so we are excited to get stuff back that we didn't have to work for. Hubby is in love with the wild strawberries. We've managed to keep one patch from the chickens and ducks, so we are reaping the rewards.

Here is the patch. It's about 5 feet x 5 feet right under a black walnut tree.

Strawberries in the patch. Hubby has to dig for them, because they are under the foliage, but the reward is great.

Small but very sweet. These are about as big as they get.

Here are the wild grapes. There are a lot of leaves and vines, and a few bunches of flowers that look like they'll be grapes eventually. Hopefully we can get to them before the wild animals do.This is the Sumac Tree. What's a Sumac Tree you ask? Here is a link to find out more information. But you can basically turn the fruit into lemon aid, and it's used in landscaping a lot because the leaves are a bright red in the fall.
Here are the dasiess. The area is about 15 feet in diameter. Hubby said he won't mow them down until the flowers have all died. I love looking at them when we dive into the property. I've been picking a few at a time and bringing them into the house to look at there too. It's nice because they stay nice for a couple of weeks at the most in the house.
The garden is doing well. The tomatoes and peppers have really taken off this week. It's the heat, humidity, and the rain fall every three days. We planted some early growing tomatoes, so hopefully soon we'll be eating nice, fresh tomatoes out of the garden.The corn is doing great. It is almost two feet tall. The squash and cucumbers are loving the heat as well. We were too late to start watermelon inside, so we picked some up at the store that we'll plant this week. Hubby also put down some straw down around the plants (except the corn for now), to help when the fruit starts to grow. I'm looking forward to less chaos in getting through the vines. And an easier time picking the harvest.
And one non-garden related news. We have 35 new (a week old), baby chicks. We have a friend that wanted to replace their laying hens, but doesn't have the room to raise them from chicks, so we are growing some for them. We have some pretty interesting mixes and color variations. We look forward to seeing what they'll be when the get their adult feathers.


Jolley's said...

Your garden looks amazing! Especially those raspberries! yumm!