Thursday, May 13, 2010

On My 'Have Done' List

Life happens fast around here. Not that too much new happens on a regular basis, but we are generally busy with the normal day-to-day stuff. Hubbies busy with work as normal and I have more hours that I work (mostly answering phones), and sewing has been crazy. My Mom had a craft show last weekend and she wanted a couple of the new purses. Check them out here. Plus everyone around me is having babies again. The garden is growing, and adding things has been slow, but at least it's doing well. We got a new to us car that we've been having to fix (so not the point of getting it in the first place). Now on to some pictures of what we've been up to.Here are the three main bed (so far). The potatoes and onions are in the far bed and are really doing well. The middle bed is most of our tomatoes and the bell peppers. It's been pretty hot and humid this week so they've really begun their growth spurt. The closest bed is a few more tomatoes and the hot peppers.Hubby tilled up the old chicken run and planted some sweet corn, squash, and cucumbers. They were slow at first to get started, but now the corn is at least 3 inches high.We have been enjoying the animals as they've become more active. We generally go and check on everyone in the middle of the day when we collect eggs. The big chickens run toward us when they see us coming. It's pretty entertaining. And we've been rewarding the behavior by giving them some scratch grains.The ducks and baby chicks have been hanging out under the front porch and the front yard. The other day it rained and the ducks loved it. They were sitting out in it and cleaning themselves. I took a video so that will come soon.The bunnies are getting bigger. I've kind of named two of them. The gray and white one I've named fluffer-nutter (after a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich). I know kind of weird, but that's what came out and it stuck. I've also taken to calling the gray one chubby bunny, because it is nearly twice the size of the other two. They get excited when they see me coming. Hubby is going to make some more cages and we are going to separate chubby bunny and moderate it's food more. It's still too early to know if we have boys or girls or both. Hopefully in a couple more weeks.Many of you know that I love to mess with the cat and dress her up. I do it mostly because she hates it, but I usually get a good laugh out of it. The other day I cut some sleeve shorter off a dress and the extra bits where on my desk. Well, the cat got a t-shirt and a hat, at least long enough to take some pictures and get a good belly laugh in. Needless to say, she was less than excited about the whole ordeal.Here is Duke and his bone Hubby got him (sorry about the picture quality. I had to take it quickly before he ran away). He carried that thing around all week long. Finally he ate most of it eaten last night.

Sewing has been super crazy. I made a wipes case wallet for a friends' daughter, a diaper bag and matching wipes case for a friend having another baby, two Scarlet bags for my Mom, tried a new stenciling project, picked up a new hobby, and I have a long list of other things that I need/want to get done.
Here is the wallet. I used some denim and turquoise blue ribbon for the outside, and two different shades of turquoise on the inside. I'm not sure if I'm going to sell these on a regular basis yet. But if you are interested you can contact me and we can talk about it.
Here is the diaper bag I made. I just did the Scarlet and then made inside pockets go all the way around. I used the lining material to cover the wipes case and added white and brown ribbon.

You can check out the other Scarlet bags on the Taylor Made Designs Blog.

I was surfing the internet looking for a new thing to try and I found a site (that I cannot remember) about bleach dyeing (or probably anti-dyeing). Here is my version. I made a stencil out of freezer paper, ironed it down, tested out some scrap pieces of fabric with different bleach and water mixtures. Sprayed my work, dunked it in water to stop the bleaching process, ran it through the dryer, and Ta-Da!
Hubby had an old T-Shirt that was too short for him. So I bleached it, cut a new neck line, removed and re-did the sleeves. I did some Canadian smocking under the bust, but it's too much for the shirt, so I need to undo it and just leave it plain. It went pretty well, and I'm excited about the outcome. I'm thinking a brighter color might have a little better results.

For my new hobby, I wanted something that I could take with me if I was sitting somewhere with nothing to do or at least needing a distraction. So, while Hubby and I were at the Walmart, we happened upon the yarn. 'How about knitting?' Hubby asks. So, knitting it became.
I have a couple of projects in the works. A baby blanket and a scarf. It's fairly easy (for now), and very relaxing, mostly. Plus it fits in my purse and I don't need my sewing machine. Hubbies Mom is pretty excited too, because she knits and wants to show me a bunch of neat patterns and things. I'm looking forward to learning more, and expanding my talent and skill base.
Amazingly that's all the sewing for now. Back to the project list.

Church has been busy, as usual, and I recently received a stake calling as well as my Ward Primary calling. I get to go to girls camp with the Young Women as a Stake Level Leader for the 3rd Year Girls(14-year-olds). I'm looking forward to getting back to camp, this time as a leader. The youth in our Ward and Stake are pretty awesome and I can't wait to learn and grow from their sweet spirits and innocent views on life.


Brett, Kate and Austin said...

i love reading your blog :) i like reading about your garden and your chickens and especially about your cat-dressing adventures!