Monday, April 5, 2010

Life in Full Bloom!

The last couple of weeks have been super crazy for us. The best thing that has been happening is the weather has finally turned to full blown spring. Woo Hoo! I just loved going outside every day last week and seeing what else had bloomed. Since a lot has happened I'll recount by categories again, because that seems to be the easiest as far as remembering everything that has happened.

- Things are slowly progressing in the garden. We are getting ready to transfer the plants into the garden in the coming week(s). The fruit trees have also started to bloom. Our three year old pear tree has beautiful flowers on it. And our cherry tree has one flower on it.

Chickens and Ducks
- We did put the Duckies in the bath tub. It was so funny to see them react to it. At first they were scared and didn't know what to think. And then they began drinking the water. Eventually they figured out they could swim and went head first. It was so fun to watch them swim under the water. They swim with their eyes open. I did take a video, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get it uploaded. Here a picture of a couple of them swimming. They were in there for a good 20 minutes or so, and they got water everywhere.With the garden going in we decided to let the big chickens roam free. They love pecking through the septic field in the morning, but the afternoons are spent on top of the house and a few have made the compost heap their 'club house'. It's kind of gross, but they are eating the bugs and stirring things up.We are working on transitioning the big chickens to the big house so we can get the ducks and baby chicks out to the A-Frame near the big house, so they can all get to know each other. We also found a $30 kiddie pool with a slide (and then with non-skid bath tub stickers, it will become a ramp for the ducks to get out of the pool). I'm looking forward to some lazy tanning days, watching the ducks swimming happily in their home made pond. We'll just have to keep the dog from chasing the ducks and all the water out of it.

Personal Growth - We had the great opportunity to enjoy General Conference this past weekend, along with celebrating Easter. It was such a great conference and I cannot wait to read the Ensign when it comes next month. I really enjoyed President Monsons' talk on Saturday Morning Session when he shared a little story about his wife. It's fun to see a more personal side to the Prophet, or any of the church leaders for that matter. One thing that really stuck out to me was how many people talked about Women, and the Priesthood. It struck me to the core and I was grateful for the strong words they shared about knowing where your responsibility is, and where your loyalties and attention should belong.

- Hubby was out of commission most of last week, so I had to entertain myself. So, I got busy. Having a new purse done, I'd been also looking for a new wallet because my old one was falling apart and sewing back together reached it's limit. I notice a friend of mind had this really cute hard cased wallet and I got to thinking. Here is what I came up with.It's a wipes case that I covered and sewed insides for. I also put a tab on the front so I could make different flowers to put on it depending on my mood, or the season, without having to make a whole new wallet. I had seen people cover wipes cases before, and I just took it a step further.Here is the inside. I put a cardholder on one side and the other has two pockets and a hidden zipper for coins. It holds all my stuff and it's pretty. I love projects that involved my hot glue gun.
I also wanted to try my hand a doll making and I saw this cute one at The Black Apple and then the tutorial on Martha Stewards website. It was tedious work, but I liked how it turned out in the end. It does have one arm higher than the other, but I guess that gives it character. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but here is a picture just for you to see.Some details: I used some brown suede for the hair and shoes, (two different colors) I singed the edges so they wouldn't fray, then hand sewed them onto the fabric. I used white cotton/poly for the head and arms, tan for the body, and a stretch cotton/poly for the legs (making them like tights). I had gotten some old lace from a garage sale last fall, so I sewed it onto some of the same tan from the body in rows, added some ribbon and a bow, then tacked it onto the body so it wouldn't fall off. It still seemed kind of bland after I did that, so I found some remnants of the famous purple flower purse, cut out a leaf (because the flower was too big), and then tacked it down the middle, and then added some beads. It still needed something, so I added a ribbon and bead necklace. I saved the face for last. I wanted it simple, and easy to apply. I still might add some eyelashes and blush, but I'm still thinking on it because I don't want to over do it.

I'm looking forward to the future adventures that we'll be having in the near future. Stay tuned to see our happenings. You can also check out Taylor Made Designs for updates, new products, and coming events.


Leslie-Kate said...

cool new wallet! great idea with the wipes case. :) And the ducks are too cute!!!

Just the 2 of us said...

OOH I feel that I might just have to sneak off with this idea Steph! You are sooooooooo creative! I love the new mothers room! It's adorable and so up to date! Miss you