Monday, April 26, 2010

Ever Expanding!

The most exciting thing that has happened since my last entry is that we've expanded our family (at least the furry/feathered part). About a week ago we went to town and stopped by the farm and feed store. As we were on our way out (having not purchased anything), we ran into the cute fuzzy babies. Needless to say we ended up going home with three.
They are already bigger than this picture shows, and they are a lot more active. It's fun to go out and hold them every day. We have to keep Duke away from them, because he just drools over them.

The gray one is my favorite one. It's bigger than the other two and has a rounder face. I call it my chubby bunny. Hubby is very excited to do some composting with their waste. We are hoping to have two females and one male to breed them and the like.

We also moved all the feathered babies around. We finally got all the big chickens transitioned into the big house. They seem to like it. A lot of the hens stay in there to keep away from the roosters.We are also now able to get their eggs a lot easier. On average we get between 8 - 12 eggs a day. We've also started getting eggs from the Guinea.
Here is about 2 dozen that we got in about 3 or 4 days. This next on is a picture of the Guinea eggs, it's smaller than the others and it's a tear drop shape.
Here is a picture of the variety of eggs we get from our various chickens. From left to right: Guinea egg, Lg or ExLg Brown with speckles (we suspect it's from our Rhode Island Reds), blueish, medium brown, and light brown. It's fun to go out each day and see how many eggs are out there.

We also put the ducks and baby chickens outside in the A-Frame. Hubby also set up the kiddie pool for the ducks to swim and bathe in. They love it and the chicks love it too, because it's less wet around the waterer. The ducks are fully grown now and so the kiddie pool isn't big enough to do major swimming in, but it keeps them busy. We are still unsure if we have at least one male, but we kind of suspect, because one makes a different noise than the other two. We are also thinking that we have a male in each of the chickens (New Hampshire Red, and Barred Plymouth Rock). That is very exciting for us, because then we can do some breeding and get some mixes that we like.Here they are going for their first swim in the pool.

The garden is doing well. We got our Tomatoes and Pepper in last week, just in time for the large amounts of rain we got this past weekend. The potatoes and onions have really taken off. Since I took this picture they have grown at least another foot. We are slowly but surely getting things in and are looking forward to the ease of the raised beds.I haven't been as craft as I would like, but we did get a new bookshelf for the office. I also made some custom magazine boxes out of the box the shelving came in, some scrapbook paper, and mode podge. Hubby was very impressed by my skills. We can now keep out homesteading books here, along with magazines, and current projects.

I do have some projects in the works. Check out Taylor Made Designs Blog for more details on upcoming events and our latest projects.