Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

The weather is finally getting warmer. And we are so excited, because that means spring is on it's way and we can get our spring stuff going. The last week has been pretty busy, but in a totally good way. Hubby and I finally got around to making the brooder for the baby chicks and ducks. It was fun building it together.Here it is sitting in the storage building. We still need to get the top finished, but it works for now. It's about 4' x 3' x 1.5'.Here is the food and water side. We build up a raised area and put plastic trays under it to help keep the spilled water and food out of the litter.Here are the babies under the heater. We put some reflective paper on the inside to help keep the heat inside the box. They are seeming to do pretty well in there.

We also worked on getting more food vacuum sealed in our jars. Pictured from left to right: Marshmallows (they expanded as we sucked the air out, but eventually shrunk back down), Chili Powder, Chocolate Chips (1.5 lbs bag per quart jar), Peanut Butter Chips (12oz bag), Carmel Chips, Italian Seasoning, and Onion Powder. For the Italian seasoning and onion powder, we just got the $0.50 containers from the grocery store and poured them into the jars. We got 4 onion powder in the pint jar, and 3 Italian seasoning in the pint jar.

Hubby also got pepper plants started for the garden. I think there are 66 plants. We are so excited for all the different kinds we are planting this year. This week we are going to start the tomatoes, and try and get the potatoes and onions in the ground.
We have a lot going on for the next while, this week we have our home evaluation (see Adoption Blog for details), we will have Hubby's Dad and Step-Mom down, and work and church stuff. I'm just glad we can open the windows and let the nice breeze come inside.