Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lots and Lots of Projects

We have been pretty busy people the last couple of weeks. I'll group our activities by subject so I don't forget anything. So, just a warning, this in going to be long, with lots of pictures.

Gardening -
With the warmer weather starting, we've begun (mid-February) the process of getting plants started, and this last Saturday we got our potatoes and onions planted in our raised beds. Hubby decided to try something new this year: raised beds. So last week he and his Dad build some simple frames, and Hubby and I mixed up our fill.

The recipe is as follows:
1 bag/4cu. ft Vermiculite
1 bag/8cu. ft Peet Moss
2 bags Top Soil
2 bags Mushroom Compost
2 bags Compost and Humas
13-13-13 Fertilizer

We (as in Hubby) dumped everything onto a tarp and we kind of folded the mixture on itself until everything was sufficiently blended. We then loaded it into the box (set on black plastic with hole punched into) and then pushed the potatoes and onions into it. We then put up some fencing so the chickens wouldn't get in and eat the onions. We have more black plastic and mulch to get down and more boxes to build, but we are good with the progress so far.
Chickens/Ducks -
Hubby and his Dad also build a new chicken coop this week. It's been a group effort on getting ideas for plans, making the plans and following through on the build. It's about 4' wide x 8' long x 7' tall. It has a people door, a chicken door, nesting boxes, and a roost for the chickens to sleep on. We still need to get the run area finished before we can get the chickens transferred. We are looking forward to nights that we don't have to pull chickens off the top of their house to keep them from becoming critter feed.We still need to prime and paint it. The main body will remain that tan color and the trim will be forest green like the metal roof (that you cannot see).Duke had a lot of fun being outside with the guys. This is how I found him when I went for my hourly check ups on the workers. He picked the sunniest, softest spot and took a nap.

The Ducks are getting so big. They are going through about 3+ gallons of water a day now. A lot does get spilled out, but still that is a lot of water. The poor chicks just kind of get pushed out of the way most of the time because the ducks are so big and clumsy. The chicks are starting their ugly stage. It's fun to go out every morning and chatter at them. The Barred chicks like to fly out of the brooder and run around on the lid. It freaks me out because I'm always afraid they will get loose and I won't be able to catch them.

Personal Growth -
A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to Branson, Missouri with our Stake for a Women's Conference. It was a lot of fun. We went up on Friday evening. There was this really neat program. The first lady talked about loving yourself. She really emphasized loving the beautiful person that Christ sees, and not worrying about all the outside craziness of the world around us. We are all chosen daughters of God, and we don't need to let all the magazines and society judge and belittle us. After the program we got to go around to participate in different activities. I think my favorite was the lotion making, mostly because we made some for a friend that wasn't able to attend. On Saturday they had another program and we got to hear from the 1st Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency. It was very uplifting and touched my heart. It is a struggle to find the good in myself sometimes with my insecurities. But I remind myself that I am a Daughter of God and he loves me, and I try to see myself through his eyes, and through my Hubbies eyes, because they love me just the way I am.

Sewing -
A friend of mine approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to help her redecorate the Mother's Lounge at church as a surprise to the other mothers in the Ward. I always up for a good sewing project, and secret service agreed. We had so much fun getting everything together and watching the other mothers (who are friends) find the surprise. Here are some before and after pictures (I can post them now because everyone figured out it was us).This was the inspiration for the whole room. My friend wanted to start with some vinyl wall art. And pieced this awesome design together. This started our color palette at Chocolate Brown and turquoise. The old slip cover on the couch was red, so that added our last color. And we really ran with the owl theme.Here is most of the room after we got it together.The mauve chair before the slip cover.The chair after. We made a slip cover for the chair. My friend got a great deal on this brown chenille fabric. I also made an owl shaped pillow for the chair out of some leftover corduroy.

The couch before.The couch after a run in with some brown dye (making the red darker), and the cute pillows I made. I found this cute tutorial for these owls, so I jumped on making the up first.A new changing pad cover was a must.

Of course being in Branson and then Springfield, we went shopping. We went into the cute boutique and I got inspired. I've really been wanting a red purse. I don't know why, I just like red. So here is my latest creation.Hubby says it looks like a petticoat. I'm not sure what I'm going to name it yet (maybe Scarlet-from Gone With the Wind), but I am going to sell them as the orders come it. It's the same size as the Ruby Tote, and it's $35.
I guess that's all for now, or at least all that I can remember for now. Be sure to check out my other blogs. Taylor Made Designs, and our Private Blog for updates on the rest of our adventures.