Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Piece of Cake

Life has been busy, but nothing new has happened. But, I felt like I should post something since I'm going on a month of no shared info. A friend of ours got married last weekend, and I made the cake. Oh Boy! what an experience! I wanted to try making marshmallow fondant for the first time, by myself. I had done regular fondant for my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary a few years back. I covered the cakes in fondant and did butter cream details. I was trying to match their original cake at their wedding.The first batch turned into play dough and wouldn't stay together. It made it's way into the trash, and I took another trip to the grocery store for more marshmallows. The next batch was better, but a bit on the rubbery side. I was still able to use it. The third batch was just right. Here is the finished product.It was chocolate cake with a butter cream filling. I did a brown cover over the bottom layer with blue diamonds. They I covered the top layer with just white and did brown and blue polka dots. Everyone loved it, and I was glad.
Here is the video to the best recipe, it's the one I used the second and third batches.


Jolley's said...

Glad to see you have posted! Those cakes turned out great!