Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Puppies Like Peanut Butter

I couldn't figure out a real good way to start this entry, because a lot has been going on. So, a funny story is the first subject. Tonight as we were gearing up to make Peanut Butter Cookies, there wasn't much left in the jar. Hubby was just going to throw it away, but I asked for the jar and a spoon and called over the Dog. Needless to say, the dog was ecstatic. If you have ever fed peanut butter to a dog, then you'll understand the hilarity that ensued. Hubby was looking at me like I was mad as I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes. Of course, me liking to have fun with the fuzzy babies, I made sure to get the peanut butter nicely coated to the roof of Dukes' mouth. He sat there and licked until it was gone, then came back for more. If you aren't laughing at this yet, and have a dog, go feed them some peanut butter and join in my laughter. If you don't have a dog, go borrow your neighbors and enjoy it that way. Here is a picture of Duke, just for good measure.This is one of my recent favorite pictures of Duke. He's a happy, ENERGETIC, loving dog. This last week he hasn't been his usual self. On Monday (Dec 28th) night, he came in from running around, limping. I checked out his hurt foot and didn't notice anything obvious, but the next day, he was bleeding. For the few days following that I kept redressing his foot, because every time he'd put weight on it, the bleeding would start again. Concerned about the amount of blood that had come out, we took a trip to the vet on New Years Eve. Our vet is pretty awesome, because she had left for the day, and came back, just for us. They cleaned it, shaved it, examined it, shot it full of anti-biotics and sent us home with more anti-biotics and care instructions. They couldn't stitch it shut because it needed to drain, but it has improved tremendously. Duke pulled the bandage off on Saturday and there's no bleeding, but he's still favoring it. It's funny to watch him get around on three feet.
The other tramatic events of the week (because things come in 3's). I found out the night of the 2nd that my Dad took a trip in the Ambulance to the hospital. Everything turned out fine, and he was back to work on Monday. That same night, we got a call that a friend was in the ER, thankfully they are doing fine too. I was getting tired of answering the phone last weekend, because every time I did, something else was wrong. It's never a dull moment in my house. If this craziness is an indication of how my year is going to go, I'd better invest in some football pads or something.
So, on to better, happier things. I've been super crafty, and organizationally driven this past week.
We've been making a lot of warm foods, soups, beans, pizza, and I thought I'd share some of them. Hubby found this product that is awesome. It's called 'Better Than Bullion'. It's a meat based paste that you use instead of bullion or stock. And it tastes so much better than both. They have chicken, beef, and ham flavor. We can only get chicken and beef locally, but Hubby want's to order the Ham flavor online. Looking at the year and what our goals are in different aspects, Food Storage is always a constant project. We are always looking for products that 1) we'll use, 2) taste good, and 3) have a good shelf life.
On to craftiness. I've finally had time and inspiration to finish some projects that had been put on the back burner. I finished the second piece to my wreath project from my last entry. Here are a couple of pictures.This one is of them on my living room wall. I realized that I like the shade of tan because the color of my walls match the color of the fabric I used for the background. On the left one, I found a saying that I liked, made a stencil, and painted it straight onto the fabric. It was fun and indulged my perfectionism.Here they are in the bedroom above the bed. I didn't realize it when I took the picture, but there is a sleeping fuzzy baby on the bed.
My other project is still in process. A friend of mine has this family tree art work, made from paper in her living room. I liked the idea, but I wanted to make mine out of fabric. Well, I finally found a template for it and so began the cutting of a tree and it's many leaves. I also had fun looking up family history for names to put on the leaves. It included 5 generations, including myself and Hubby, and there will eventually be 6, when we get/have children. Here is a 'in-the-works' picture of the project.I used a large weave corduroy for the tree, and two shades of green cotton knit for the leaves (dark for men, and light for women). I have all of Hubby's Mom's side, and all of my paternal grandmothers side. I'm waiting for information from other people to finish the rest of the names. Then I need to add mine and Hubby's names to the trunk, then our children will go under ours. When I have all the names I'm going to quilt it to give it some depth, then frame it. Right now it's just tack-glued to the backer fabric. I am really enjoying out it is coming along. If you want to make your own go here for a tutorial and templates.
The last and probably the most important is about the progress of the family situation, but you'll have to go here for details. One to the rest of the year, and more adventures to enjoy.