Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preparedness and Projects

We don't have a whole lot of different things going on. But this week we are expecting some ice and so we are getting prepared for what that generally entails. We have some gas to run the generator incase we loose power, we have drinking water, cleaning water, and toiler water all ready to go. We are hoping we won't be out of power for too long, but we are prepared for it either way.
Now to the fun stuff. I've been wanting a new bag for Primary and I found this cute design. I'm planning on putting a different decal on it. Maybe 'I {Heart} Primary in Red or Blue. Still not sure about all the details, but excited to make it. It needs to carry my binder, and my scriptures, because right now I have them in separate bags, on top of my purse. I guess that's all for now, back to the dishes.