Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've Been Bitten. . .

. . . By the Sewing Bug! During my normal run through the blogs, I happened upon Running With Scissors and saw. This cute bag! And I've been wanting a new bag for church, so I rummaged through my bin of fabric and found my favorite pieces and made a new bag. I also found Accessory Ave. a blog that sales scripture covers and totes. I thought it was such a cute idea, so I made myself a scripture cover to go with my church bag. It was so fun to be back in sewing world for the day, and I was able to scratch an itch and didn't spend any money. Heck, I didn't leave the homestead! So here are my finished projects. Enjoy!Here is the front. I was going to put 'I {heart} Primary', but I wanted something more generic so I could use the bag for other things. I found an interesting tree clip art and applied my version of it with paint. It was fun to paint it and have it turn out close to what I had imagined in my head.Here is the inside. I used the same green plaid on the lining of the bag and scripture cover. I used the denim for the pockets. Here are my scriptures. It's a standard sized quad combo. I made a funky flower for the front, and it has a snap closure.Here is the inside of the bag with my newly covered scriptures and my Primary binder. I could probably fit my purse in there if I needed to. It measures 20" wide x 16" tall x 5" deep. You can check out the tutorial here.
Now here are some fun shots of the fuzzy babies and the chickens.Here is Desi. She was sleeping on the bed (as normal), so I grabbed the camera and took a picture of her before she moved. And while I had the camera I poked it under Hubbies chair and found Duke on his bed. He wasn't too excited to have a flash bugging him.Here are the chickens doing their favorite thing. The hens tend to sit on the roost, and the roosters run around fighting with each other, trying to establish dominance. Silly chickens!
Well, off to get some stuff done for the night incase this storm is as bad as everyone thinks it going to be. I hope we don't loose power, because it would be nice to be stuck at home and veg with Hubby all weekend watching movies.


Rebecca said...

Way cute! I have been wanting to quilt for a few weeks now. Unfortunately that requires time and 2 hands and I have neither of those things right now. Sigh. Fortunately, the baby will get bigger and will be able to do more things. For now, though, I am exceedingly jealous of you and your time and talents!

Jessica said...

Stephanie: It looks AWESOME! THanks for sharing the link so I could see your church tote! We must think alike, because I've been planning to make myself a tote with a tree of life for church also...we are craft twins! I'm glad the tutorial made sense, and I love your tote.

Jessica said...

Do you mind if I put the link to your tote at the end of the tutorial? I understand if you'd rather not have a link to your personal blog. But it's great to see your ideas. Maybe I could post the photo of your bag with your permission if that's what you'd prefer.