Wednesday, January 20, 2010

60's in January

Today is such a nice day, that I got out and took some updated pictures of things from my day.My finished family tree. I finished sewing/quilting it, put it in the frame, and hung it up on my wall.These are flowers that Hubby got me 'Just Because' last week. So Pretty!Here is Duke. Since he's been hurt, he's been pretty lazy, chilling on the LovSac.Here is Desi, she took over my seat as soon as I got out of it.
Here is Big Red. He's such a pretty bird, and the king of the large flock and protects the others.Here is one of the Buff Orpington Hens.Here is the Guinea. She is such a crazy bird, and it so sketchy.Here is a Dark Cornish Rooster. Here is the Posse. It's some of the babies that hang out together, away from each other.Here is Duke and Casanova. Duke was oblivious and Casanova was very protective.