Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nice Things

Have you ever wondered to yourself why nice things don't last in your household?
Hubby and I tease each other that if one of us has a clumsy moment and/or break or drop something, we are the reason we don't have nice things. Sometimes we just blame the fuzzy babies. Today was one of those days that we asked that question, and we got our definitive answer. It started with Hubby calling me in to show me how cute Duke was. I snapped a few pictures and went on with the day.Duke was napping and Hubby wrapped him up in this blanket. Here we are putting our horseshoe pillow on his head. I know cute, or silly, but still fun.
Well, after we'd run errands and were doing our own things tonight. Hubby called me back into his office hollering for me to bring the camera to see what Duke had done. This is what I walked in to.
At first I thought that Duke had gotten into one of my many bags of stuffing and tore it up. Well, it was worse. That cute picture of the horseshoe pillow?!? Well, that's the last anyone will see of that pillow. Duke managed to chew a hole in one end, then proceeded to pull out most of the stuffing before Hubby noticed. Laughter quickly ensued while I took lots of evidential pictures.
Here is Duke and his 'I didn't do it, you can't blame me." face.
Hubby and I looked at each other and both smiled, because we knew right then and there that Duke is the reason we don't have any nice things anymore. Now the cat will still get blame too, but Duke is always going to be first on the suspect list.
I hope this brings just a little brightness to your day. And I just wanted to wish everyone - Family, Friends, and Friends I haven't met yet - A very Merry Christmas. I'm truly grateful for this time of year and the wonderful blessing that Christ is in my life. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, supportive husband who loves me for just who I am. God Bless Everyone.