Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Decor'

As the New Year approaches, lots of things are changing in our household. For Christmas Hubby bought me a multi-picture frame. I think it fits 20 or so pictures, and I'm still working on finding the right ones to go in it. So I had a couple of Wally World cheapies that I didn't want to throw away because they were still in good condition. So, instead I'm re-purposing them. As you may have already read, I've really gotten into wreaths in the last couple of months, and so my next project has been completed. I got the idea from this cute blog. It was actually the first wreat I saw, and so here is my version.I tried to use colors that match my Starry Night quilt, as they are going in the Office/Bedroom (once we get the bed moved and situated). I still have another frame, the same size that I think I'm going to paint a saying onto it and hang it the same with the fabric at the top and the tan fabric as the back ground. I'll post another picture of them on the wall with the bed when I've gotten them completely finished.