Monday, December 21, 2009

Mom's Know Everything!

Last Friday I found this cute Nativity Set that I wanted to make. So this morning I hunted in the storage building for some scrap wood that would work. To my avail, none was to be found that would work, so Hubby agreed to take me to the Home Depot to get some later in the week. A little saddened (because when I get an idea, I like to jump on it so I get it finished while I'm excited), I went on with my day.
Well, the UPS man showed up about 3:30, which is early for our normal deliveries, and I remembered that my Mom was sending me a present. I was busy reading the card while Hubby was pulling stuff out of the box asking 'What's all this?' We found a cute ornament and table runner that Mom had made, then he delved deeper into the box. Wrapped in brown paper was some painted wooden figures. And low and behold it was the Nativity Set I had been planning to make. The joy and emotion that came over me was so great I hugged all the figures, set them up on my desk for further inspection, and then found the phone and placed a call to my Mom. Isn't it funny that Moms always know what we want, what makes us happiest, and especially if we are getting into trouble? I love my Mom and am grateful for her thoughtfulness and getting me a present that I didn't even tell her I wanted. I did add (or take away rather) to them, because they were way to close to the color of my walls. So I followed the direction of the tutorial and sanded the paint off the edges of the figures to add character. Then I placed them on my bookshelf on top of the table runner Mom made. Thanks Mom for the wonderful presents!Now I am timing how long it takes the cat to rearrange them, on the floor. Hopefully I can get them picked back up before the dog finds them.


EmilyHerb18 said...

Its so true. Mom's do know everything. Your nativity is adorable. YAY!