Thursday, December 17, 2009

How Many Pieces?

We haven't had a ton going on - or at least out of our normal realm of busy. With the craft season behind us, and not a whole lot of product sold (You can check out this blog for products and pricing for last minute gifts.) my sewing projects have lessened and I can finally get to ones I've been putting off. I've been working on cutting out the pattern to make Hubbies suit I promised him last Christmas. There are 47 pieces. Half of them are big and half are small. Half of them are lining, and half of them are the main fabric. I think I have about 4-5 pieces left (all big ones). So we'll see how far I get. Maybe next week I can start cutting into the fabulous fabric for some pants at least this year. I've also wanted to work on my children clothing sewing skills, so I'm working on Christmas gifts. I don't have any pictures for this post, but believe you me, I sure will when I'm done.
Other things are busy with our private life and you can check it out here (It's a Private blog - email or comment your email address if you want to be on the list). Church is normal and we are all gearing up for the upcoming year, trying to get schedules down and such. We are looking forward to Christmas at home again this year. We miss all our families, but time, money, and animal-sitters are just not there. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!


EmilyHerb18 said...

Steph you are so ambitious! Your winter quilt turned out so awesome! Good luck on Brent's suit. I'm excited to see pictures when its done.
Oh and I tried to leave a comment on your private blog but it wouldn't let me. If you want to vent to someone anytime call me.
208-351-2932. LOVE YOU!

Toni said...

I have a close girlfriend that is having a really difficult time getting pregnant. She has been trying for 3 years and just found out that she may need to have her tubes removed. She is going for a second opinion to make sure. I'd like to read about your journey to parenthood. Love, Toni