Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hand Quilting is my Nemsis!

Last week, I spent well over 10 hours finishing up my Summer Quilting Project. Hubby was very determined to have the Starry Night quilt on the bed this winter. That was my intention too, I just got distracted by much funner, and quicker projects. I set me mind, and off I went. Here's how it looks finished on our bed. You might notice a fuzzy baby in the top, left corner. She really wanted to break it in first.It over hangs nearly two feet on each side and almost that on the end, but I made it to fit a King size, hoping someday when we get a house, we'll have a King size bed. Plus we are both blanket hoggers, so we each have enough to wrap ourselves in.
I've been in sewing world for a while now, and I've gotten a lot done. I had an order from a vendor I met at my craft show. She wanted a couple of Navy bags for herself and her Mother, because her Father was in the Navy. It was fun to make and I think she liked them. Here they are:One is a Jane with a zipper instead of a snap, and the other is a Ruby. She also wanted an extra pocket on the front for the patch. I really enjoy making purses and bag, especially when they are for someone specific.
I also broke out the faux-suede that my Mom sent. I made a line of Suede bags for her show next week. It was fun trying to figure out how to use the same fabric in different ways. Check out Taylor Made Designs blog for details. Also check out that blog for some old and new pictures of Holiday Dresses. With Christmas around the corner, holiday dresses are coming out. If you want one just contact us here. Back to sewing world for me, lots more to do still.


Jolleys said...

Love all your cute craftiness you've been up to! That quilt looks like it must've taken HOURS--it's beautiful!