Monday, November 9, 2009

Sew Crazy

I guess it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted on here. It's been crazy in my home, or maybe it's that I've been crazy at home. Either way, we have lots of things going on. Hubby has been back to the grindstone of work, our callings are keeping us on our toes, lots of moving of chickens, and I've been in sewing world for the last couple of weeks and will continue for a while. The craft show is finally here (at least this weekend). I've gotten all my needed sewing done, and am putting together final touches on my display. Getting stuff sent to my Mom for her show this weekend as well, and she's sending me things. Oh the wonderfulness of UPS. I put up a post on our business blog, you can check it out here to see the bags I put together last week.
Chicken World. I don't have any recent pictures of the chickens, but I'll try and get some up next week. We have had some losses the last couple of weeks. Five of the six of our egg layers have gone missing. We aren't sure what has gotten them, because there is no trace of them. I kind of suspect something big like a dog or fox, mostly because the hens can get out of their area during the day, and that's when most of them went missing. We also moved all the teenagers and babies out to the other run, and we've let them out of the chicken tractor. It's fun to watch them at this stage because they are still discovering the world around them.
Church World. Church has been busy. I've had a Primary Activity, and year end stuff, along with next year planning. Hubby has been busy with service, and much more other business. Yesterday was our Ward conference, so all our Stake Leaders came down to visit. It was so nice to hear from them, and have their bright faces, and welcoming spirits in our meetings. I always enjoy the message they bring, and the encouraging words they share.
Sewing World. Here is a rough picture of one of the tables I've put together, or at least the table cloth and signage I've made. I'll post pictures next week of what my whole booth looked like.I sewed together my fabric funny for my second table, so I had to taylor just the one corner and was 5inches short, so I made a string patch. I also had bought fabric to make an apron, so I made a string patch for it to match. I just finished it tonight, so I haven't gotten a picture yet, I'll post it with the other stuff next week. For my sign, I wanted to duplicate the logo, just bigger. I found a scrap piece of fiber board in the storage building, cut it to size, drilled holes into it, painted it, wove ribbon through my holes, screwed in a flower, and stenciled our company name. It was so much fun to see my idea come to life in 3D. I really hope that it catches attention and people come over and buy something from me, or at least order something. I guess that's all for tonight. I'd better go to bed, because tomorrow is another busy day, but I have to get up earlier to start it.