Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We had an eventful Sunday. As we were heading home from church, and after dropping someone off, we really began having a lot of problems. The car finally went kaput. Luckily we weren't that far from church that we just pulled into the parking lot, and our bishop was pulling out as we pulled in, and he turned around. With some inspection from him and Hubby, they determined our fears of it being the front end. We carefully drove it 5 miles down the road to a friends house. There he looked at it and we all decided that we shouldn't drive it until we could get it torn apart, and find the actual problem. We headed to another friends house that was another 5 miles away to get his help get it towed to his garage (we needed a flat surface to work on it). So we enlisted the help of another friend (or at least his big trailer to haul the car on). So by 6pm we've enlisted the help of 3 friends and our Bishop. We safely got the car from friend #1 house to friend #2 house, and returned the trailer to friend #3, and friend #2 took us home, arriving about 8pm.
On Monday, friend #1 and #2 worked on the car and found the problem to be the hub - which is the part that comes off the axle and that the brakes and wheel attaches to. Pretty much if it totally seized up, the wheel would have stopped turning. There are ball bearings in it. Not on ours. Here is a picture of our old, broken one.If you look closely, it's the part that has a bunch of dark gunk (the outer ring), but it's supposed to be little ball bearings. It was very scary to be driving (yes, I was the one driving when this happened), but I know that we had angels watching over us, and great friends in the right place at the right time to help us.
In other news: I promised pictures of the chickens. Enjoy!Here is most of the babies. You can see the one white Guinea. This is one of the six strawberry-blond babies. They stick together, away from the others.Here is Big Red. He's still the biggest of the teenagers. He's fairly mild mannered and mostly just keeps an eye out for everyone. He's a lot like his father.Here is Casanova, daddy to most of the teenagers and babies. He's still the king of the chickens, but he's the strong, silent type. We lost 5 of our hens a couple of weeks ago, Blondie being one of them, and I think he misses her.Here is poor Fred. The other still pick out his feathers. Fred just goes on like it doesn't matter. He has recently taking to flying on top of the coop to crow. It's kind of funny.
News on the Craft Show can be found here. I didn't want to do two separate posts, so I'm just liking the one to here.