Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gearing up for Thanksgiving

We are now only a couple of days before the massive cooking day is upon us. As Hubby and I are prepared people, all of our shopping is done, and we are just excitedly awaiting the time to cook it all. We may not be traditional people, but we love traditional food. I don't like turkey, but I sure want ours to taste good. We have been working our entire relationship to make our own traditions. We have been trying out our individual family traditions, and then mixing them together to make our own. As for holidays, we celebrate one at a time. We don't do Christmas stuff in our house until after Thanksgiving. I don't even look at Christmas stuff, and I've even walked out of stores if they play Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I try to treasure each moment for what it is, and not mix them together.
For this years Thanksgiving we are working on perfecting our menu. Of course there is Turkey-traditional brine and roast in the oven. Our side dishes are garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green beans with almonds, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Our recipes come from lots of different places, but if you know my Hubby, a lot is influenced by Alton Brown from Good Eats.
The most important part of the meal - TURKEY - has been very inspired in the Good Eats way of preparation and cooking. We brine the Turkey in salt and herb water for at least 12 hours. It makes the turkey very moist. We also cook hot for a short time, and regular for about 3 hours. This is the best method that we have found in our years of researching. We also use Alton's mashed potatoes for inspiration. We add and take away as our tastes differ, but we like the essence of the idea.
I'd like to hear what some of your traditions are for Thanksgiving. What do you make, who does the cooking, and what are your favorite dishes? I like to hear your comments and feedback. And if there is any recipe that you think I might have that you want, just let me know.
I also want to tell everyone how grateful I am for all the wonderful blessings that I enjoy in this life. Mostly my Husband, he is my joy, my love, and my best friend. Without him, I'd be lost. I am also grateful for my religion, for the love that I get to feel every day from my Father in Heaven. I also want to send my love out to my family (all sides). Each one has been there for us, helped us, supported us, and loved us. I'm glad that we have such wonderful parents to give us the guidance in our lives whether is was while we were young, and probably more so now as we are taking steps to move onto the next step in our life. I'm thankful for all my wonderful friends who are there to listen and laugh with me through all our trials in life. And the part I get to play in their lives. I'm grateful for all the kids in our life (nieces, nephews, and friends kids). They help hone my skills to try out on my future kids. Plus I love the unconditional love they show towards me and Hubby. Please pass the love to those around you, family, friends, and even strangers. You never know who your next friend will be. God bless you all.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE Turkey! We do about the same menu- Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with smellows, and a green bean casserole. We also have rolls and Dan must have jello salad. I love Pumpkin pie, and when we get together with lots of family, we usually have an apple pie and pecan pie. With just us, we stick to pumpkin and my fabulous Chocolate Truffle Pie! I adore turkey leftovers and I don't think there is such a thing as too much leftover turkey.